[lvl1] Megathread: "Reducing Inauthentic Activity on Instagram" (2018/11/19)



lol don’t listen to this guy who made an account just to comment that, it’s a bit of a stretch. We don’t fully know yet what steps they are going to be taking.


You guys are so stupid sometimes it’s unbelievable

Still love you most of the times but whenever something happens most of you stop thinking


good morning guys.

I need your help.

have blocked the profile of my client @reinefede and my @yournextrip.

  1. @reinefede, when you try to get on instgram says: disabled account because it does not respect our terms etc. "

with his mobile phone he can not log in with any Instagram account. OH MY GOD, WHY?

do you have any guidance to be able to resume the banned account?

I already wrote to instagram!
do you have their email address?

  1. @yournextrip, from the app does not enter.
    on safari enter!


HELP ME! :frowning:


Can’t tell you how to get it deactivated, but if he/she factory resets their phone then they’ll be able to reinstall the app and log into the other accounts. They shouldn’t restore a backup though or it will lock them out again


TBH, I am very worried as well, but again, I am not a developer/ informatics person, just a marketer handling automatic activity, so probably I am missing information.
Also, pretty sure Instagram has been doing this for some time now, it´s just public now. The tools still have to learn and let´s see what are the next steps. I am feeling all this is about political groups / accounts gaining authority with these growth methods and influencing campaigns, and Facebook being criticized for it.
The bigger problem here is to calm down customers :slight_smile:


There’s a thread for LVL2 and 3 too. This is LVL1 thread.


:disappointed: :disappointed:
and all the rest of characters I am missing…


Hi guys,

Here are two more articles to help you understand what’s going

but let’s be honest, there is nothing to worry about. They are targeting app’s that require Instagram authorization, like exchange and fake followers.

If you are doing automation in a smart way you will be okay. Max they will force us to reduce our actions

Do you think it will affect the Mother/Slave method?


What settings are you using?

Or what are you doing with the accounts?

@reinefede has post and barely and followings of followers

And how old is @yournextrip?

I when ahead and checked the quality of your followers on

and they gave it 47 out of 100 which is bad but not terrible.


Those are all valuable informations, thank you guys!
@Toh you said that 47 out of 100 is not so bad, what do you think is a decent number? I’m 51 out of 100 and i would like to improve it. But i’m also doing F/U until i reach at least 50k, so i can start to going viral.


It depends on what your looking for but 51 is at least better then average.
It depends on what type of account your talking about. But if you want to get better Engadget you need to post better content and interact with you community more. Oh yeah and get high quality followers, maybe trying to improve your blacklist and sources will help that go up.
How fast is your account growing?


@reinefede has more than 3 years of life @yournextrip only 1

these were the actions

945 follow
945 unfollow
600 like

more or less they had taken 2 block follow and 2 like block


Yeah that is way to much, if you want to play it extra safe you should do between 600 and 800 actions a day. And have a randomized sleeper.
But then it depends how much risk you are willing to take.

What proxies are you using?

However you should have first gotten a warning so you might be able to get the accounts back.


I have one account banned with the “Your account has been disabled for violating our terms: http://instagram.com/about/legal/terms/” advice. I was doing f/u on it. Do you know if it’s possible to recover it? I’ve had som PV or EV on other accounts but it’s the first time I have a ban.

I wasn’t using proxy (just my local pc ip) and it was verified with my personal phone number.


how many accs did u run


I don’t understand the question. You mean with the same ip or phone number?


same ip


Just that and my personal account. My personal account isn’t banned. So the problem is f/u. Do you think I would be able to recover it?


“Instagram says it has built machine learning-powered moderation tools that will help identify which accounts use these services and automatically remove the likes, follows, and comments.”

This scare me a lot


That’s what im worried about, it’s not hard for their AI to pick up on this. I just don’t know if Instagram wants to shut this down completely or just get rid of the people that are abusing their powers. Without these services it’s going to be impossible for a lot of these brands, businesses & influencers to grow their accounts because they do not have large marketing budgets to run Instagram Ads.

If they don’t run IG ads there accounts will remain stagnant and eventually this platform will become absolute just like a Facebook Page. (only good if you run FB Ads) I think IG needs these tools to keep the users who create content on their platform around…i’m just worried about my biz bc im currently scaling this shit atm, just brought on 3 part time workers and dropping hella $$ into ads lol

At the end of the day, is it going to be against the terms to follow, like and unfollow users to “growth hack” your account? If so, then yes, this botting is donzo.