[lvl1] Megathread: "Reducing Inauthentic Activity on Instagram" (2018/11/19)



OMG the world is coming to an end.

Anxiety = temporary lobotomy. Calm the fuck down buds. Nothing happens overnight.


Not so sure about this.
I know this guy who had bought 600k followers from panels to create a page with he goal to sell it.
Last week he woke up and ig had removed him 132k followers. Overnight bud.


I have not received any warning :frowning:

on account n1 I took 2 block like and 2 block follow and various checks to confirm the account.

they banned him yesterday.

account # 2, same situation except the ban

but he does not enter me from the phone
on safari, google etc. yes

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@Emanuele do you have do the follow tool?


At the end, botting will probably forever be a cat and mouse game.
But as long as tools like Jarvee/GMT etc. are able to make money they will come up with things to be a fast mouse that is hard to catch.

For sure mobile/residential proxies will play a BIG role in the near future.
Together with not doing too many actions a day.

Why don’t you guys create 6 accs, divide them in groups of 2 and give all of them different settings.
Slow, medium, and fast, just see which one will stay alive.


what do you mean? do you mean the photo?


which proxy services would you recommend me?


Hello! I have a couple clients that use a tool that automatically likes my posts once i post for them… So Im assuming thats what they are talking about


ANYONE – anyone actually had a notification/ban over this? crap – three different threads on this and not one damn report – well, i got a heachache – not from the reading this stuff – my girlfriend won’t shut up!


What tool is it exactly ?


I have 115 accounts running atm and all of them are smooth sailing, for now. Not stressing to hard but when a shit ton of money is on the line it makes it a little bit harder to sleep @ night lmfao


Nope, not yet, I just stumbled upon this issue by mistake in my feed when I saw someone advertising to help with “real authentic growth” whatever that means.
I still haven’t received any warnings, but my IG has been acting a little odd several days ago where I couldn’t see other people’s profiles intermittently.

Will keep my eyes and ears open for more info.

Interesting times.


oh wow, I just realised this happened to someone I was following.
I thought it was odd their followers was down to 14k when I had last looked at their profile it was well over 100k I had no idea what had happened, I thought maybe they had started a new account.
Now it makes sense.


Jesus Christ only 14k genuine in 100k? People are stupid.


LOL, what a sucker! Its only good that that happens.


I will give a small summary of this thread



whatddya mean?


Have you see the new update in the Instagram Bio? And also the following and followers now it’s smaller and barely can be seen. Is that going to impact in some how the functions of our loved automations?


That you are freaking out for no good reason
Stop and think guys, IG needs us so we are going to be ok


Yes, we might get some better scraping tools because it allows people us to check where the business accounts are being used the most.

Does anyone does anyone think there might be some other features?