[lvl1] Megathread: "Reducing Inauthentic Activity on Instagram" (2018/11/19)


This is what you have to do:

Download instagram ++
Via Pandahelper if you have an iPhone.

I got exactly The same problem a few months ago.

Let me know how this works out.



Would more human engagement make a difference? Most regular users are probably opening the app twice per day and sitting on it for 20-30 mins. Is that what we should be doing too?


delete it , 30 characters


Ok yeah I guess your right the average user spends less then 1 h a day on IG.

But we don’t need to look like the average IG user we just need it to be somewhat believeble that it could be a person trying hard to grow his account manually.
And there are lots of people who do Follow unfollow manually


Are you using “auto comment tools” in this test?


Did you notice that some comment has been deleted automatically, as the subject suggests?



For anyone who is still successfully running clients accts on there software, what’s your follow / unfollow / likes cycles looking like?

I’m running 35 unfollows/followers per hour, 32 likes per hour, I have 8 hrs of the day with no activity and an 80% delay when running my activities, every 20-120 seconds i’ll perform an action.

At the moment 100+ accounts running smooth w/no problem. It seems these settings are working. Are these going to bite me in the ass down the road, lower them, etc? Any advice from more experience users would be great. Scaling my IG Growth service and don’t want to run into any problems.


will be interesting to see the results.

I’m doing roughly 100 likes an hour for 5 hours.


@sesernets you have saved my life :slight_smile: Used tweakbox for instagram++ and it is working again. YEAH. Normal IG still not working but who cares when there is a workaround…


I did not understand which app I need to download


Good to hear Lars!


The app called instagram++
search in google for pandahelper and than download Instagram++ in pandahelper.

let me know how this works out for you.



It’s not working because one of your accounts got banned. Same happened to me when 1 got banned for nudity, other 4 that were connected couldn’t access instagram - same error. You download instagram++ or instagram rocket (I prefer this one) or factory reset your iphone, or buy a new one, since bans are connected to iphone ID or whatever it’s called.


Greedy mfo. They want every piece of the pie…I feel the same way as the first time I saw a commercial limiting my youtube video or when the SEO got dead


I’m doing 32 follows and 32 unfollows per hour; about 500 follow per day and 500 unfollow per day, 7 hours of Nightmode. No problem for now.
What are your parameters?


Not to come across rude, so please no one take this the wrong way, but what happened to all the kids who were shitting bricks and crying this is the end of automation?

Seriously, IM isn’t for everyone… not if you get worried everytime IG makes a press release. You allowed simple mind minupulation to get you into a frenzy. IG has been combating automation, fake likes/followers for years… but a simple press release is enough to make you lose your mind?

What will will you do after their next press release? Hopefully your day job saved your uniform.


Instagram is also starting to impact accounts that are on private and switch between public and private a lot. My friend who has 506k on Instagram that runs a meme account has been on private to get more requests and started to switch to public and on and off again to accept the requests. One week, she let them all pile up, around 7000 requests.

So she switches it off private and is prompted with a dialogue that says

“You Account is Now Public: Any pending follow requests have been automatically removed to protect our community from inauthentic engagement”

She quickly tried to switch it back to private and was prompted with another dialogue that said

“Make Account Private?: We’ve added limitations to accounts that switch often between private and public to protect our community from inauthentic engagement. Since you’ve switched from private to public multiple times, making changes to your account privacy will limit the number of follow requests you can approve at one time and you will lose your existing follow requests.”

When she went to look, they were all still there. However, after accepting 10 of them, she was prompted with yet another dialogue that told her she had reached her accepting limit. Then after a couple of hours, all of them were gone, all 7000. Keep in mind that she never used any third party apps or anything. This is what frustrates me so much about Instagram, accounts have been using private after their algorithm screwed up their gainings, and now that people started to gain a lot on private, Instagram is stopping that yet again. It’s almost as if they don’t want anyone to gain on there except verified celebrities.


Switching between private and public isn’t something that I do very often, but thanks for the info nonetheless.


Yes the going private thing has been stopped as so many people switched during S4S between private and open profile.


I wouldn’t suggest waiting until something happens.
Switching things up daily. I just switched all follow/unfollow off and removed accounts from giving likes for a week, glad I managed them and saved quite a few. I am going to continue to receive likes on posts via the Like Exchange to see how that goes. (I have also brought number of likes down.)

Not sure how this will go. Crossing my fingers.


Hi I just tried this tool out. One account 48/100, 50/100 and another with 52/100. Would this tool show if accounts are using bots. What we are doing is not bad, we follow real accounts, they follow us and then we unfollow some. The only thing that may flag us is the like exchange.

I have noticed that my accounts were Liking a lot of nasty content with Like Exchange so I turned it off.