[lvl1] Megathread: "Reducing Inauthentic Activity on Instagram" (2018/11/19)


Hello everyone,

I’m not sure if this has to do anything with this thread at all or this latest news/updates from IG.

But the last night I logged out from my all of my 5 IG accounts from my phone and now I’m not able to log in back.

“Sorry, there was a problem with your request” this is the message that appears.

I tried to clear all data and cache from app, restarted phone, uninstalled app and then installed fresh new one nothing from this helped me to log in back.

I’m able to log in from a web browser and on the browser on my phone.

I also tried to use an option in the app when you have a problem with sign in with app, I received an email with a link to click to help me with a sign in.

When I choose to execute it with app same message appears and when I use web browser from my phone I’m able to log in with any issue.

Does any have any idea how to resolve this?


have you tried deleting the app, and restarting your phone and then downloading it again and trying again?


Jarvee recommended Highproxies but I hear @HenryCooper might nowhere to get some better ones. You can probably DM him :wink:


Ignore highproxies if you value money.


why? whats wrong with highproxies?


Overused, soooo many accounts been banned using them.
Go for 4G proxies. Can’t say they’re the silver bullet but they’re much better to fight with than overcooked spaghetti (highproxies)


I hear you but that kind of implies that 4G proxies will not last forever, eventually they will suffer the same faith as High proxies right?


In theory you would say that, but there is no other option for legit IG users that are on a phone and using 4G. So “in theory” 4G proxies cannot be properly blacklisted. Apart from using them for account creation I guess…

I wonder what will happen in the long run!


Someone correct me if I’m wrong here, fairly limited experience but what I think I know is:

4G proxies have a number of IP addresses that they cycle through. Highproxies don’t; they’re static IP’s that have probably been used by someone else before you for whatever reason.

The pool of IP’s that 4G proxies cycle through are initially more trustworthy than datacentre proxies because you’re operating off a mobile network carrier like O2, libara, lyca, virgin… whatever.
They’ll have thousands of other data users using the dynamic IP’s so its very hard to block anyone based off their mobile IP.

That would make sense to me based off my limited knowledge.

Since Zuck has more resources than us, he’ll make it hard. That’s the game we play. Right now; still worth it :slight_smile: but who knows what’ll happen.

@HenryCooper’s proxies have some of the best ratings around…certainly on this forum anyway.

Really not that expensive either if you’re monetizing correctly etc.

Given that you’re asking this kind of question, I’d recommend grabbing a coffee and using the search function as there are many threads here that go deeper into everything proxies.
Making your own 4G proxies.
Renting them.
More on why they’re better etc.

Give it a shot :slight_smile:
Best of luck to you.
If you find anyone doing 4G proxies for FB let me know :wink:


@Johny am having the same problem, You need to reset your device to factory setting. And… you must not play back your backup. Once you do that everything is blocked again on IG. Really sucks.

But if you find a solution I would be more than happy to hear it. Have tried everything. Installing app new, clearing cash, turn on and off airplane mode for new IP and so … nothing worked. Only factory reset… but I do not want to have virging phone and install everything from new…


Apps like island or parallel space can resolve this.
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.oasisfeng.island (the best)
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.parallelspace.multipleaccounts.appclone (good)
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.trendmicro.tmas (regular)


Anyone know of an app like these that allow multiple clones, not just one?


Have you tried multiple accounts in this app? What option do you use? Isolate or pararell?


Hello, @Larsometer thank you for your answer.

So did you try to do a factory reset by yourself or you just read or saw somewhere that this will help you with this issue?

I just saw that this guy has posted about the same issue in another thread @Emanuele

All I can see is that so many people are having and experiencing the same issue.


@Larsometer are you also having trouble accessing the app?

I can’t log in even with newly created accounts or those of my friends. ABSURDO!



Only android? for ios?


@Johny @Emanuele I have an iPhone and tried it by myself. Was very happy when after the reset Instagram was working as it should. But then I played back my backup and Instagram was working no more. Was getting this damn error message “sorry there is a problem…” no matter which account I tried to login.
Don’t know why I was blocked. Had maximum 4 accounts on the IG app. But some of these were running on another mobile and datacenter proxy in parallel. Maybe IG does not like that. And they don’t like my profile no more :frowning:


@larsometer with my iphone I can log in with @em.deva and it’s my personal account.

Always with my iphone I can not log in with @yournextrip (no banned) only on the browser.


with my customer’s iphone, @reinefede (BAN) I can’t log in with any other IG account. :frowning:


I’m sorry! I recently did not follow the rules. I will refer to the article to develop myself more. I will try to work hard.
Thanks a lot!


this usually happens when you have api block… resetting the device works… but i left my iphone for 2 weeks and it working again…