M/S is the reason for instagram cracking down?

I feel like* before the mother/slave method they were okay with the ratio of spam and active users that were brought back because a bot followed them. But because of the mother/slave people actually started to leave the platform because all that nonsense spam people were doing it harmed the balance they were okay with

Instead of 1 account doing automation/spam its now 100’s of accounts per one account with the m/s method

I feel like when the balance gets back in check ig will start playing nicer, or maybe its just how its going to be from now on and we have to adapt

A lot of people are saying m/s isnt really worth it or are looking to charge more… what are your thoughts

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I thought the same thing, but MS been around for years. Maybe not at the scale it was pre-blocks.


Ive only really heard about it in the past 1-2 years, im sure its been around for a while but like you said not at the scale it has been recently with 100’s of accounts funneling to one

What you are saying is pure speculation. It is PURE speculation. You have no proof or what so ever.

It is only your opinion and what you feel. Don’t say it as a fact when clearly nothing can prove it


Didn’t really mean to state it as fact.

Im just saying that it appeared to be when m/s started picking up is when ig started rolling out all these new problems for us…

They are trying to combat automation obviously but only to a certain extent (also speculation)

They could easily get rid of pretty much all automation if we wanted (they have billions of dollars behind them not speculation)


I don’t think they’re targeting us especially
I think they try to fish a big shark but for this they have to fish us

Also if zuckerberg would make his ads financially rentable there would be no issue to automation. But he is f greedy. I hate him for this. I love his personality. But f his decision. Dude is scamming the whole planet trying to sell ads that has no reach, cutting our reach. He is scamming us. He is the worst scammer of social media marketing


Yeah it’s been around forever, just not overly abused like today.

As IG started getting more and more restrictive last year with individual account actions, people really started expanding into throwaway/spammy accounts, and those actions with the m/s method to compensate, which maybe in turn caused this crack down… but really it’s just been a long time coming, if not now then tomorrow. There’s always another restriction around the corner. As one thing gets abused, another is discovered until they do their best to stop it. Just nature of the entire system.

Though it does suck to lose follow/unfollow as a “thing” because in reality it’s not that harmful, doesn’t need automation, and many could argue that m/s is as it’s actual spam. But to each his own I guess.


Honestly his ads are under priced, at the most fair to us.

Facebook has to be one of the cheapest platforms to market on. Think about billboard, tv and other forms of marketing its very fair.

It could be cheaper buts its price vs demand just as all things

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Please turn the thread name into a question and send it to Instagram support. They are the only ones who can tell.


Lmao i will ask

I’m somehow “happy” that big abusive spammers are not able to work anymore with some abusive methods.

I mean, at the end we try to give some exposure to customers, or ourselves and stuff, and personally, from my pov, big services with m/s methods doing like 500/1000 accounts for a customer or a profile, is quite killing and being nocive for regular community.

I mean, even some friends that are not in the game AT ALL, start noticing some spam messages and tons of robots.

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I notice a lot of spam myself even on my accounts getting tons of dms from ms accounts but I dont mind it doesnt really hurt my experience on the platform but I can see how it damages other peoples views of it

I think I agree with you, nothing should be taken to extremes.

I stopped asking ‘why’ with insta long time ago – gave me sleepness nights, now it’s ‘how to overcome it’.


definitely the right way to be looking at things


We will probably never know for sure but I’m with you. Since day one I said the M/S method is the worse of the worse. Literally zero value added (spare me the “you have to create high quality slave accounts” crap).

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i would add some 0`s to those numbers, people will take it to the extreme (the very extreme).

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I think they’re mainly targeting businesses that sell likes and followers, everything else is a bonus or collateral damage.

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My friend no need to be rude with another member of the community, he was pretty clear, he wrote “I feel like” twice. I don’t understand what you really want… just relax.


Yeah sometimes my blood pressure skyrocket
My apologize