M/S is the reason for instagram cracking down?


Are you my dad?


This is also a great idea, but people have been selling likes/followers for ages


Its alright we all have those days, sorry for my use of words :slight_smile:


I wouldnt do M/S if only it wouldnt be a risk losing your main after so much work. Just not worth the risk for me. Then again who decides which IG even deserves bot automation. I see so many dropship generic businesses that to me dont even deserve bot services.


M/s really isnt the worst if you take a lot of factors in account. In my opinion if we stopped dropship stupid ass reselling or ig we stoped offering services to single accounts that add NO personal value then sure i could consider no more M/S. But in a f*cking sea of that those shitty as ali express reselling it’s hard for actual proper made businesses who add personal value to be seen. So dont go off on M/S just like that. In my opinion it’s all about quality your providing which i feel like people have lost.


sorry if I did not read something in this forum that talked about my question but where did you read that M/S are causing the mother’s account deletion?


M/S doesnt cause deletion (although i’m sure there are boundaries for example with mentions and such.who knows). I’m talking about IG not allowing botting services and thus being able to just ban your account just as is without warning. So in that perspective to me and my personal businesses it’s not worth it to NOT use M/S. Also helps you in times like these when random blocks happen. Also i feel like we can complain about m/s but what about ethics with providing ‘risky’ smm services. It’s always ‘funny’ to see people desperately asking for basic fixes or basic questions when somehow they offer professional services to people and businesses. But that’s a bit off topic.


So to conclude (my opinion): could m/s be at fault sure for IG cracking down? Def possible. Could smm panels be the cause? Also possible. But on the contrary i consider professional services to brands and business that sell generic stuff, dropshop,… All that non value business to be the cause of M/S. If you want to be seen through such bullshit crowd it’s almost hardly possible with that business only being able to do barely x amount of actions. It wont cut it. So the blame is on a lot of sides to me


ah ok, but if you go via this logic you will never use automation at all. :joy: M/S, as far as I see, is really safe compared to the normal f/u method. but anyway, I got your point! :facepunch:t3:


It’s def the most safe! Thats why i only use it and i have never had blocks (only once when IG even blocked all non botters).


nice, what is your average followers that each slave get to the main one nowadays in your experience?


Some get 5-10, some that survived the blocks up to 25. Just have to calculate all factors in. Cost of proxies, cost and time of making and setting up childs,… I’m sure just botting one main would be easier. Just cant live and sleep with the risk of losing it


Definitely true. None of those accounts offer any kind of value.


Is it? How difficult do you think it is for Instagram to figure out who’s the mother account? Come on you can’t be serious.


It’s not because of M/S in my opinion. Or else they would just crack down on making it harder to make new accounts. Which doesn’t seem to be the case.


It’s not because of that for sure, Instagram is under a lot of pressure because of this influencers and their articles about people buying fake followers and stuff, and zuckerberg being greedy f*** trying to push people to buy only ads directly from Instagram… Sadly he is probably doing good so far because some of my clients quit my service and now I see they are buying Instagram ads because they don’t want their profiles to look fake (with losing 50% or more engagment over the night).


SMM panels could be part of the problem for sure, when I was selling followers and other things trough the panels like 2-3 years ago, there was like 50% less people doing it then it’s now, some panels had for example 10M orders in 5 years, and then in the last year or so they reached 50M in a year, everyone is trying to get some piece of this smm pie, so Instagram had to push some brakes. With time things will be back to normal, because people on top are making millions from panels that are reselling their services, so they will also invest huge money and I am sure they have great stuff working for them that are solving this problem as we speak, this time is taking much longer then with any update I saw in the last few years, but we just need to be patient. Money is just around the corner :slight_smile:


Damn, I didn’t know panel industry was doing numbers like that.

I’m sure average panel sale is >$1, so industry is >$50M?


To be honest although it’s kinda sad to see, i dont care as much about smm panels. Yes they are fake, but if you have a quality business and use it for the social proof you need and ‘deserve’ then fine. Just as long as you dont KEEP using it to fake your engagement for years. First months sure, but half a year, years,… That’s plain sad and telling you that your business might not be something people are looking for.

At some point it’s time to use that buildup AUTHENTIC following that sticks with you and use different strats

Might be off topic. Sorry for that


I couldnt imagine faking engagement for 6 months lmao thats such a headache for a number on a profile