M/S is the reason for instagram cracking down?


So many million followers brands and influencers do it though.


Most of these panels are just reselling other panels, I don’t know which panel is the cheapest panel there is, but I think they also don’t own these accounts and everything that’s needed to operate and run this operation, I heard some guys from Russia runs it on the top, so this top panel is selling to other 50 panels and those 50 panels have some other panels under them and it goes like that, so they all combined send huge numbers of orders daily, I am spending $30-50K yearly on panel, so imagine how much is making the owner on top :smiley: His expenses are minimum


Well, most of my clients are small business, and all they care about is getting some exposure and to have huge number of followers and likes on their profiles, some of them do care if they are real or not, but like 90% only want to see huge numbers, and I don’t think that’s bad for the business, because even if they buy everything and have unreal followers numbers, that doesn’t mean they sell bad products. But for influencers on the other hand most of them are trying to pump their own ego with huge numbers of followers they have, so they can show it to the world lol At the moment big number of them is not even posting photos because they have 90% fake engagment, and it would look stupid to have 100K followers for example and go from 10K likes to 500 likes over the night haha


Funny when brands like fashion nova have less likes and comments than smaller brands. If only IG would crack down on their followers :wink:


Crazy money.

Average annual income in Russia is $8K. Those Russians at the top selling likes and follows so their great great grandkids aren’t going to have to work. Generational wealth.


Sorry to say, but after 6 years at the university, 4 years of experience, huge resposibility for others lives and finances, I make much less in 8 hours than from one hour “working” on Instagram.


That’s what I mean. Those panel guys must be buying mountains and city blocks.


Exactly hahah


Yea same here lol


Most of the SMM panels aren’t doing as well as you would think. They have an extremely high refund rate and also get a lot of fraudulent payments.

In reality most of the panels are actually resellers. There’s only a few that are actually advanced enough to maintain as many accounts as you need to provide such high volume.

A lot of the SMM panels are really unreliable as well. When their main supplier goes down, so does their ability to deliver services. And all of the main suppliers face issues at some point when the social networks get serious about cleaning out the bot accounts.


You can always get a banned account back if you really want.


Depends on your approach and how you set them up. When you are posting regularly great content instead of just spamming with an account with only 1-3 photos on it, it’s more like a quality network account than a poor slave.


Define quality. If you repost content how can that be a quality network?


create your own content.

pay someone on fiver too or out source it

repost quality content instead of just filling out your post schedule with random crap


How can you possibly create your own content with tens if not hundreds of slaves accounts? Reposting doesn’t add any value either.


I think just like the automation platforms got too big and mainstream, and Instagram decided to crack down on those (Instagress etc…) now Instagram is going after the client management websites that also got too big and mainstream. Honestly why would they send them a message otherwise that account has been compromised, and that you used services to help you grow your instagram?
It’s still just speculation of course, but I do believe that would make the most sense


Yes they are always killing small platforms first, but they always leave few big ones, they don’t want to kill automation 100% because things like automatic posting are also good for them, people will post more often if they can set it up to post automatically, and then you get more movement on the Instagram.


I sure hope you wont treat your accounts in the same light sense of ‘you can get it back if you want’. Enough people that didnt get their accounts with 100K+ followers back. Willing to risk it? Sure. Just kind of sad to see those people desperately asking for advice how to get it back. Just my two cents. Guess it depends wether it’s your personal business that you’re growing, how well it’s doing with authentic growth (not fake or bot growth), if it’s clients accounts, how much your company is valued at, … Nope not willing to risk my mains


If fiverr is your quality, idk… I’m well aware of its ‘content’ but it’s not quality in my opinion. You also never pay a lot for what you want. It’s way underpriced for a reason. Same reason as why a Fiverr person always has the first thumbnail NOT being their own work (which usually looks pretty good) and the other thumbnails when you start scrolling is theirs (which usually looks waaay below quality wise). Nope i dont consider fiverr to be quality. Quality would be a professional photographer making studio photos of your product for example.


I thought you were just talking about quote pages or some shit not a brand page