M/S is the reason for instagram cracking down?


That’s 100% true. I also feel like the Follow/unfollow method with DM’s isnt nearly as damaging to IG platform as comment spamming is and botliking. Slaves are meant to redirect at least for me, not to keep the followers on that slave account. I was talking about the mains having the best quality out there. What i personally hate is the mains even having generic shitty ass photos that are either aliexpress or arent even their own content. This to me is what is poluting the IG community. When already existing refeatured content is redirecting to the same shitty non self created content. At some point personally i wouldnt necessairly mind ‘killing’ my slaves and have the mains work on its own when the community is big enough and when you’ve reached that kind of status that it deserves. M/S shouldnt be a life long method for one business. It’s meant to kickstart, financially benefit (kind of like crowdfund yourself) and grow in my opinion.


Quote pages in general to me are just mehhh. It’s super relatable and more easy to get people engaged with but i cant see it add much value when the quote is over and over quoted in all kinds of accounts with just a different background. copycats suck in general in all departments in my opinion


Yeah I didn’t really notice you were talking about business pages i thought it was more of just large ig accounts

Product photos would be harder to mass produce

And of course the spam comments and likes from these business accounts (like dropshipping im assuming is what we’re talking about) im surprised it even works anymore i caught on to that before I really even knew what botting was


Same in my opinion goes for big meme accounts, big photography feature accounts, … All those mains still not being original content. Like i said, if slaves dont have original content then fine. Very much understandable since adding original content to 200+ slaves is just nearly impossible. But for damn sake at least make the mains original which slaves can repost from. IG is slacking on originality a lot. And thats why people with huge engagement drops on their mains are suffering. No loyalty in their fanbase cause it’s the same stuff they can find anywhere else.

Edit: blaming IG algo is one thing, blaming it as being the only reason is too easy. Sure it has its drastic flaws but it’s not broken. It’s just super strict and harsh these days. It’s favoring accounts that ‘fans’ have been engaging with in the past very often. Of course no favoring a meme account you only like once in a while making it look to IG that you’re not really really interested in. It makes sense though. But that’s all just my opinion and from my own tests and experiences


You can ALWAYS get an account back when you really care about it. You just have to to in the effort and let Instagram know that it’s important to you.

That has nothing to do with how you treat your accounts, so please don’t mix things up.

It’s just about how risky it is to automate the main account.


Sometimes it takes days, weeks and months and sometimes it doesnt even work. Not mixing things up. Enough people not getting their mains back. And again, if you have an actual community built with your mains. It’s going to be PRETTY BAD disappearing even for just a couple of days


I can second this as something that actually happens with meme accounts

I have one a couple of those pages that do the explore page content in slide posts and do shoutouts in the slides a while back when infinicore was around i was getting crazy engagement 3-5k avg with 5k followers some posts would pop off and hit 10-20k here and there but ig started like auto deleting my posts and it got to the point i couldn’t post anything even a complete original post from my mobile phone

Now i get like 300 likes if I’m lucky without any help from power likes

There’s no real fan base behind those accounts


Hard jewlery on instagram has a crazy community behind their page and the owner is posting stories all day and talking to fans all the time and it just started out as a drop shipping brand but now they are making custom pieces

I saw that one of their fans has a hard jewlery tattoo which is insane

They had there page deleted for a day and the owner posted a video about how hard it was on their business


It makes sense. Disappearing cause of bans will massively disrupt a business especially those having to combat scam brands that are flooding the IG platform. In that perspective it’s not worth it to bot your main. If anything happens you’ll have to start all over again from scratch in a way.


I hear you. The problem though is when this method became popular.


is m/s the reason?
Not even. We are small fish. They go after big fish. SMM panels/Goverments.
Plus even as far back as 3-4 years ago facebook cracked down hard on botting, Insta now getting it.


I think one of the reasons is all the “come view my nude pics” accounts that get boosted by fake commment likes. It’s annoy to see all day everyday.


Agreed, the government side is a huge reason, especially heading into next year’s US election. This really has a higher level focus.


@Revelstoke I’m sorry to blow your balloon but US is only less than 20% of IG, most of the users are around the globe. Said that the US election has nothing to do with IG leadership decisions regarding how the platform operates. Cheers.


Agreed, the US side is one example, there is social disruption across many countries (even by the US). The US side is an important one to note however, particularly with FB being a US company and facing regulation.


Maybe you can elaborate in the regulations that you are talking about pls. I work for a corporation (American) and we haven’t heard of any affecting social media business. Cheers.


that 15.7 percent of the US while still big one fact you forgot to mention
carries a bigger buying power - per revenue - per person
than ALL other countries combined


I don’t think so…show me the numbers :slight_smile:
If you think that IG’s revenue is coming just from the 15.7% you are wrong.
And if you mean that the economy is stronger in US than the rest of the globe, you are wrong once again.
Why somebody in UK, Australia, Brazil, you name it, will care about the buying power of US when they don’t do business with them.
Please think outside of the box we live in a globalize world, and US is just a part of it, of course important, but just a part that is shrinking. Just wait to China to explode or India to go to the next level :wink: Cheers.


look at the other users. America in this stat is number one


USA been number since 1946 after www 3