M/S method DIY or use an agency?

Hey, I have a question about the m/s method.

Should I pay an agency to do it or should I try to do it on my own?
I think it would be much cheaper if I’d do it on my own but with an agency, everything would be much faster and “cleaner”.
If I’d do it on my own I would use Jarvee and then buy around 100 IG accounts.

What do you think?


None, it’s almost impossible to get m/s working smoothly nowadays.


Really? So what would you recommend otherwise to grow?


What kind of page you have?

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That’s not true, M/S still works wonders if you have the proper setup, which can be on full automation, hybrid or manual.

That being said, it’s true that most providers gave up. However, if you’re just starting out, i would not recommend you to start trying a M/S setup yourself, just go with a (good) provider. Will be headaches-less and you’re not gonna burn money for nothing :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you :pray:

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Business and Personal

Can confirm m/s works wonders manual


Awesome thank you! Do you have any starting tips?

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M/S is tricky and whether you’re getting actions to work at any given point doesn’t really count for much, as nowadays the ‘tough’ thing is banding together and working out a solution when IG flips a switch to their newest update.

As @powerlifter said, I’m sure m/s does work well with manual, but for us at least, manual for just 1 account has a lot of costs involved with VAs (and training), so good luck scaling that past 5-10 accounts.

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just go through and like the posts of potential followers using the child account. Put the main account in the bio and add some content in the page that mentions @mainaccount.

NEVER send a DM asking them to follow main.

And keep in mind, your targeting of followers and content on your main page needs to be :fire:.

I agree that it would be expensive to scale up, but I could and would charge a fortune for clients, if I was taking clients. Don’t have the time



I do the exact opposite on my M/S system (i don’t like, i send tons of DMs instead), but well i guess every strategy can work…

Eventho i don’t get how you can get a good ROI with only Likes and mentionning the @mainaccount, as without DMs i get 10% of what i currently get with my DMs


Thank you so much guys for answering my questions!

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I grow by about 160 per day by only liking


And no problem!

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What settings do you use?

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There aren’t any settings, it’s manual

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Many factors lead to growth, in your case you can’t really tell your growth is driven by M/S, as you do actions on your own profile + posting a few times per week already,

When we talk about a M/S growth, it’s just about the M/S system, nothing more. If your account is already growing by +60 per day, thus your M/S brings you an average of +100 per day,

  • Also, it depends on how many slaves you got, we can’t compare any M/S strategy if they don’t have the same slaves number,

And also, we should do a comparison with : 1 day without M/S - 1 day with M/S. This is the only way we would be able to “isolate” the M/S growth

  • Otherwise the “current growth” doesn’t mean anything, as it’s plurifactors, that’s what i meant.

  • For example, the M/S system i use on mine brings me +200 followers per day in average. But if i would post at least once a week + manual F/U + story voter, it would not be less than +300 per day,

I’m glad your strategy also works, because it’s less DM to compete with aha :clinking_glasses:


Even when I posted once in a blue moon, I was growing like crazy. Also, I’ve only got two slaves. Are you saying you do m/s on main accounts that never post? That makes no sense :thinking: the growth is real if the content is great

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No, my clients often post, but i don’t post often myself as i got ton of work aside of my own page (but still, i grow my page). I create content in the travel & digital art niche, you can’t post a few times per week like everyone else stealing content everywhere :confused:
To be able to post everyday as a content creator, you need this to be your main job, mostly (or you don’t really create unique/awesome content IMO).

And yes, content needs to be awesome for good results !

Youe case is pretty strange/unique tho. With only 2 slaves, only by liking posts everyday on the targets (let’s say 400 likes), you got +160 for your main account.

Then, your FBR is way too high too be only conducted by M/S, or it would mean that 100% of your likes convert into FBR (on the 2 slaves), and 40% of them (+160/400) would notice your main account and follow it,

From my own experience with hundreds of slaves that are very, very high quality and have a few thousands of followers (looks like real accounts), they would never get that much dream-big like FBR. They do have 30 to 50 FBR on a 150-200 daily follow basis. We’re far from your numbers, and the DMs that should convert way more than a simple “mention” in bio / post,

But once more, great job with only 2 slaves doing this, eventho there are probably other factors included in the equation