M/S Methode For Youtube Growth

Hello there, i would like to know if there is someone in here who has tested out the M/S method thats works so well on instagram on youtube?

I’m about to start doing it for my own channel. 1 Main account and build 3 others around it to engage with my target audience and pull them back to the main one.

I’ve set up my slave accounts that they look exactly like my main account. Those slaves have all the playlists from my main account on them so all the views that get generated are going to the main one.

If anyone in here already does this or has some best practices to warm up my slaves in term of comments or other actions please feel free to let me know.

About Warming up,Use old Gmail Accounts atleast 3-4 years old if you want to raise the limits even more.Also I have seen that many youtubers set up slaves and comment on big channels to gain traction,I guess this is a good way to do it.

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its definitely being used on IG, but i am not sure how effective it will be for youtube

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yea i’ve seen people do that too, im just not sure how they do it with timing. Like it has to be in the first 5 min preferably.

i’m gonna use some old gmail accounts i have for the youtube channels. I want them to engage with other starting channels in my niche (which are a their are a ton of) and get them back to my page, have them click one of the playlists and they they’ll automatically be on my main account where they view and potentialy subscribe too.

Do you have any experience or ideas how many comments a day you can do with per account?

Using the Playlists of the master channel on the slave channels you can get all the engagement you create back to the main channel without to much issue.

I’m gonna report back once i’m fully setup up and start implemting this,

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I don’t know much about the limits but they are using the ‘First Comment Bot’ for youtube for sure which is written in Python,a guy had approachd me with this bot for youtube before but I had no use so I rejected it,also the same bot exists fro Instagram which I have it as I use it daily too.

Also I guess 20-50 Comments is good to start as a warmup and then slowly increase,again I don’t have much experience about youtube so consult an Expert before diving into this method.

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i definitely will thanks man, i’m taking a lot of this notes from this post right here on the forum:

I’ll check out that first comment bot too! this is something could implement in a strategic way.

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this is def a good start, in terms of funneling traffic to your main. However the issue i see with Youtube m/s is that you can’t follow a subscriber and then message him, something that you can still kind of do with IG (although much limited than before). YT used to allow you to msg people but took away that function.

Yea man, that is forsure a feature that isn’t possible in the youtube version of M/S but in my case i don’t think its nessecary. how work around this is i release 3 new video’s every week on the main channel ( which get dynamically updated in the playlists of the slave channels) where the viewer have the chance to get a free download in my niche and I get their email. From their they get plugged into my Email sequence automation and i start the conversation there. This is more a long term strategy to build out my email list too

Like i said this is something that i’m experimenting with. If any one has some insight or different perspective, i would love to see and learn about new ways!

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hmm this could work. i assume you start off with slaves following different youtube users, and then hoping they would view your playlist? I am not sure how good/bad that conversion rate.
But yea lemme know how it goes. Like other people have also mentioned, m/s are not really done much on Youtube but doesn’t mean its not do-able.

Yes exactly! the conversion rate of people subscribing to the main channel is indeed something that i have to figure out a long the way. I’m filtering youtube video’s on keywords within my niche and that have been uploaded in the last hour. So i’m commenting on very relevant video’s in my niche with hopefully not that many views or subscribers.

I’m testing this out till the end of Feb 2021. Its def gonna be a bit slower growth than the instagram version but youtube by itself is harder to grow so long term i also think this is do able!

Yes YouTube is hard but it earns you direct revenue.
Keep trying, following you in the journey.

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Hey Sp, i am going to try this as well. Did you already have success with it?

How do you guys set up youtube accounts nowadays?
Got aged Gmails but cant sign them in anymore via JV - google realises the Software kind of.

You experienced and have a solution? Opera VPN aso. does not work.

What kind of message google send you? Can you share screenshots?

Also, what is the status of the account from within Jarvee?

You need to go to the account’s advanced settings and check Use mobile version. The login doesn’t work on desktop EB User agent.