M/S Questions about method

Hey, how you are warm up accounts for M/S?

I register accounts with Create bulk Instagram accounts - 2020 - Using phone - No root required method. Fill profile with picture, follow and etc,etc,etc.

After 3-4 days I started repost from main account, and starting doing massvoting. But accounts after 18-24 hours getting Captcha + Phone Verification. But even if I use real sim card to verify account, they still going to 24 hours. I tried via Browser, via phone with appcloner. Still 24 hours.(always brand-new sim card)

How I can fix it all?

anyone? answer me please

Maybe your issue is doing mass voting that is causing the captcha?

Or maybe you are not warming up the accounts long enough or properly

I have never done mass voting so I am not sure that was just a guess but mass anything sounds like it could cause issues.

What type of proxies are you using?

You need to warm up for about 2 weeks at the minimum especially with that method.

You need to do a proper warmup. The accounts will never work if you don’t do slow warmup. Maybe one month or two months with slow actions

If you’re starting out I suggest purchasing accounts and warming them up slowly. Right now you’re doing too much to start out (i.e. repost and mass voting) and depending if Instagram caught on, the account creation method you linked may or may not work anymore.

I only repost picture once per day, but still after 18-24 hours got captcha and review 24

You’re also doing massviewing. The collection of these two things right after creation can get you captcha/24 hour review.

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Oh, okay, right. I will do only massvoting now without massviewing and let’s see how’s work

I read it wrong. I didn’t know you were doing massviewing/massvoting. I would turn both of these off and rest it for at least a week.

Your account should have a minimum age of 14 days before running Massvoting,though that doesn’t guarantee anything but this is what I have read and even after that,you should start from running the script for not more than 6 hours a day in the beginning.

Create new accounts – you destroyed the OG accounts by no warmup and masslooking. They will be problematic and better start fresh.

  1. Read on how to do warm ups of accounts.
  2. be patient.
  3. Read all on botting in 2020, not 2018

If anyone offer here m/s service, can you send me your telegram or discord to private message, please?