M/Slaves Repost Help

Hi guys just got a question about Slaves and Reposting…

Doing a test with one of my main brand accounts. Leaving the Main idle and creating 5 slaves fan pages to do actions. I’ve got targets scraped already so no need for scrapers. I’ve been doing direct from main, its working… but growth is slow…

I’ve been reading the forum and some start up threads, warmups, randoms actions thats good. However, there wasn’t much info on content or repost? I read for repost is better to campaign instead of directly?

Does know where to find more info on sending fresh content to the slaves or any advice on this area?

Many thanks!

The growth to the main will be slow as its only a certain % that will follow the main. Ie if you do 100 follows you may get 20 follow backs and then 1-4 may follow the main. Hence people usually have a lot of slaves running.

this is more or less what you can expect. Based of these numbers, you can expect around 5-10 followers per slave once its fully warmed up. So in theory, 5 slaves could bring 25-50 followers. But you need to account for the temp blocks as well as other down time, including % of slaves you expect to die before they’re fully warmed up.

So as a minimum I would advise to do 10 but I personally wouldn’t even bother without 20 accounts. As 20 accounts can bring in a very good growth and even if you’ll lose a lot of them in the warm up process, get extended temp bans etc you’ll still see the account growing enough making it worth the time without needing to fully reset.

Edit: edited out the mobile proxy accounts recommendation part considering this is a public section of the forum and maybe shouldn’t be public knowledge lol

This is a very high expectation. Nowadays after all the IG updates UI (especially with the notification tab that was placed on the Home feed), people see less and less who followed them. FBR ratio 1 to 5 per child account seems more accurate

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yes I agree, but both are feasible. 1-5 is way more realistic if you’re taking a full hand of a batch and count it like that. Cuz you’ll have temp blocks, long blocks, captchas and all that fun which needs to be taken into consideration and annoying to track.

Also, the profile and niche makes a big difference. I have a few batches of slaves doing fashion niche where they are ‘beautiful’ females posting slick fashion photos and they get really high FBR/message replies of hungry dudes simping etc lol. Compared to something more like food niche accounts.