Reposting from main - settings

These are my settings for slave repost to get as much attention and traffic as possible to the main.
They are found under Tools – Repost – Settings – Repost Settings

  • Post on wall and story
  • Tag original post user
  • Repost original post location – (will this link to it?)

I also may post the same content to multiple slave accounts.

What’s your repost settings and tactis?

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Just be careful when reposting haha, before I used to have some babe accounts, and I picked up some pages for repost content, and they started posting naked girls, and I got like 10 accounts banned all at once haha

I think that goes without saying - I will br reposting from my main as the title says, so I already know what the content is.

reposting has issues, better repost to campaign, instead of directly.
Just my 2cents.

Yes, repost to campaign is better and safer. In the campaign settings enable the “small modification” so it will make it unique (the image)

Agreed, helps get rid of the meta data.

Will does this do? Make it a clickable image that links to the main?