🔥 Mac vs PC | What Do You Use For Online Marketing?

Hello fellow online marketers! :slightly_smiling_face:

We all work hard to achieve our online marketing goals and one of our most important tools is our computer/laptop and the software we use on it.

What is your PC/Laptop of choice and why? Do you prefer windows or mac?

Personally, I have been using a 2017 specced out Macbook Pro with Touchbar that I bought for video editing and music production but lately it has been my workhorse for all things digital marketing. I am impressed with the performance and delighted with Mac OS and all its little features that make the workflow a lot easier.

Downsides are that lots of underground digital marketing software is often only available for Windows. But easy fix is installing Windows for bootcamp on Mac which is free for all Mac laptops or by using a VPS. :slight_smile:

What is your tool of choice?

Thank you guys!


I’m using the new Macbook Air, i travel a lot and in terms of battery life and form factor is just perfect. Not to mention the fact that you can charge it from a normal portable charger via Usb C.
It’s hands down the best on the market right now for web marketing and social media, if you are looking for portability and bat life and of course, tech support.


Yes USB C is such a great feature, don’t want to miss it no more. Don’t no why everybody used to bash it but now it is slowly becoming industry standard. Honestly can’t wait till every manufacturer starts putting out USB C as standard as well as Apple finally putting out a new iPhone with USB C!

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Agree 100% buddy

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Very debatable… A lot of marketing programs will not work on Apple.

I dislike Apple products for this reason and tbh they’re just overpriced. Your dollar goes further when buying a windows PC.

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Overpriced + closed system.


Just compared to one computer… When buying Apple, you’re paying for the name imo.

$1150 Samsung Note 9
16gb RAM
256gb SSD
Intel Core i7
15" screen

$1,300 Macbook Pro
8gb RAM
128gb SSD
Intel Core i5
13" screen

I’m not an apple fan. I just know what I need for my job to be done and deliver.

I said… if you are looking for portability and bat life and of course, tech support.
Since most of the online marketing apps are web based, I really do not see any problem.

It’s not a discussion about Pc VS Apple. The overpricing and all you can possibly hate about apple is just a personal point of view and it’s fine … but it’s not related to the question in this topic. It’s about facts and how you work.

I more than happy to pay what I paid for the MacBook Air for what I get and how I used it. I do not need 64 Gb of Ram, I need a great battery, Usb C charging so I can charge it also on a plane or via my pocket portable charger, it’s form factor and the wight…and, as I said, worldwide support (this is one of the main reasons actually).

If u travel a lot and your Asus Vivobook or any other cool laptop out there has a keyboard problem, try to call Asus and let me know… (I’ve been there)
If you work on an Apple computer, you just pop in any Apple store or iFix store and you get it fixed and ready to rock.

This is why I choose Apple because it works for me and my needs, hands down.

Maybe it’s not what you are looking for and it’s totally fine.

The Value and the price are two different things and each person values different things in a laptop.

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It was literally the question he asked. I just shared my opinion. My pricey Apple products can’t keep up with my cheaper windows products.

Tech support may be nice for Apple, but I haven’t had issues many issues with my Windows products. When I do, I can almost always fix it myself with a little troubleshooting/tinkering.


Yes, u’re right…I meant that it’s not a “war” about Pc vs Mac.
There is no sense in that discussion. It’s like Nikon Vs Canon Vs Sony.

It’s not about Pc or Mac, it’s about what you really need in order to work in an efficient way.
Who travels a lot like me (I take almost 3 planes planes per month) needs something very specific and I’m ok to pay for it more.

I was considering Huawuei MateBook Pro 13 but these guys have no support. As Asus or Samsung,etc. If something goes wrong, you are just fckd up. You have to send your pc somewhere and get it back in 30 days (maybe).

So it’s not Pc or Mac…it’s what you need.

I’m using J via Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Remote Desktop on my OSX. No problem at all. It runs 24/7.

PC vs Mac is a valid discussion… They are way different. Price and operating system. PC will almost always provider stronger hardware for the dollar. I just don’t really like Apples operating system either.

If you need a strong device and money is a factor, then PC is a better choice almost always.

Nope brother, it’s not a valid discussion. Because you are talking about price, not about value…and Value is subjective, It’s like talking if Audi TT is better than a Jeep Wrangler. It’s subjective to the needs one persone have.

It’s not power for the dollar. It’s Value you take out from it. Someone may need a strong machine, someone other things. It’s not all about power.

I can power my Air with a portable charger, how much is this important to you? Maybe zero, maybe a lot.

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Why are Apple users always so defensive about their weak devices lol,

I’m not apple fan. Maybe you are not getting the point. It’s not about power. At least, not in marketing. In fact, for my Video Editing I use an Asus Zephyrus Workstation. Makes more sense than a MacBook Pro.

See the point?

It’s about Value and ROI. And it’s subjective. I own an Audi TT but if I’d need to do a safari, it’s useless.

One thing that I never really got back in the days when I simply accepted the notion that apple devices are weak was when I was only looking at the specs. The thing is and believe it or not (you probably heard that one before and shrugged it off but in my experience it is the truth) the integration between hardware and software is what makes the products so fast and smooth and without problems. Especially things like Final Cut where you can render 4k videos in minutes whereas a beastly PC with arguably way better specs and premiere pro would have taken a lot longer to render and the editing experience wouldnt have been as smooth and fast simply because of the integration between software and hardware with apple.

I have owned many Apple and windows products. I am just referencing my personal experience that my Apple products don’t compete with my windows products for what I use them for.

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I use both actually but I prefer my Imac a tiny bit more over my surface book.


I use an iMac, a Windows laptop and recently a Linux Laptop as well. My best friend uses Samsung DEX and he can do 90% of the same things. So…in the past the differences were greater, today is a matter of preference or taste :wink: Don’t be full that Apple is the most expensive product out there, there are many more expensive with components that nobody knows where come from.

Remember never compare specs of an Apple with Win or Linux. Different systems.

But @Luffy you ignited the discussion. Endless…

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Windows rules especially for blackhat stuff


Actually for blackhat I would prefer Linux :slight_smile: