🔥 Mac vs PC | What Do You Use For Online Marketing?


Man ! even my windows copies are blackhat all cracked with KMS :laughing: but seriously on windows you can have and do it all, you can even have linux in a virtual box if your machine can handle it but you already know this, Windows rules :sunglasses:


I HIGHLY suggest getting a high spec Mac but downloading Parralels. I found a lot of Online Marketing programs are more PC based softwares so this allows you to still get the benefits of a PC while using a Mac. The Mac also receives less viruses vs PC.


I use Mac for design purposes, and Windows for running scripts and custom software :slight_smile:


Yes, I always use PC as well. Apple is just too expensive


True. Parallels is a great piece of software that allows you to run windows parallel to your Mac without having to boot out of Mac and into windows with bootcamp. I like it a lot and had some good experience with the trial but didn’t buy it. Any chance you know where to get it for cheap?


MacOS is just superior to clunky old Windows.
Price doesn’t matter, I just want it to work ALWAYS. Which you don’t get with Windows.
All apps I use are web based, so don’t need to install anything.


True. Always had struggle with windows which led to tons of time wasted trying to fix it. Mac just works. Period. That’s the great thing about it.


I love my mac, but for marketing purposes you need a PC unless you want to emulate a pc on your mac, which slows things down. i would rather get a vps at that point or a burner PC


Definitely MACBOOK.


lmao funny how every single thread like this turns into pointless war what is better and that apple is overpriced

(apple fan, dont @ me)


Mac for soul, Widows and Linux for the job


Linux is a God for blackhat


I use an iMac. Had it for years with no problems. Never been hacked (Was hacked twice in 3 months on a PC). Most of the stuff you need is now web based, so no real issues with compatibility, but if it isn’t, there is generally a Mac version of something similar. One thing I do to make them cheaper (because Apple products are $$$), is get one that is a year or 2 old (2 model years). Seems there is a pretty big drop off in price, for essentially the same thing.


Mac plus VPS always wins


I think a lot of it depends on what you’re used to. I’ve used a mac since I was a kid and it’s just second nature to me. I turn into a confused old man every time I try to use Windows or Linux. Not because they aren’t good, but because I don’t know my way around them.
Long time ago I read some studies that the total cost of ownership of a mac was cheaper over time, but I’m not sure if that’s still the case.


I feel like Macs just don’t slow down as much we’re as my previous windows PCs always got bogged down rather quickly and started slowing down in performance similarly to android and iOS but after all, that’s just personal preference.


Yeah I thought that to and then I spilt some Lemoncello (liquor) on my Macbook Air and for some reason it’s never been the same since. :rofl:
A waterproof Macbook would be a winner.


I mean that’s a different thing though :joy: Most Electronics wouldn’t be the same after something like that :v:t2:


I’ve always been a Windows guy from ever since I can remember.

I tried using a Mac before (iMac, Macbook), just doesn’t make sense to me. But I guess that just comes down to getting used to something.

My wife is an Apple fan. Her phone, her tablet, her computer, all Apple. But she still borrows my old Android phone and Windows laptop.

When I asked her why, she said it’s because of the Apple community and the status it brings when you’re using an Apple product. Apparently she’s feeling fancy. But for general usability and reliability, Windows all the way (her words).

I guess it would come down to whatever works for you. To each his own, as they say.


I’m definitely a Mac fan but PC’s always feel like “home” since I grew up gaming on those ones.

When I started digital marketing, my first client gave me his 2016 Macbook Pro when he upgraded. Once I adjusted to how things work though, I was hooked on apple products.

Right now, I’m sporting a 2018 MBP

Can’t justify myself buying a new MBP, so I’m thinking of getting a new iMac instead. With the amount I travel, it’s probably best to buy a used iMac haha.