🔥 Mac vs PC | What Do You Use For Online Marketing?


Mac as a laptop because as everyone has mentioned “It just works” ,windows PC in the office to do real work, run automation aps wink wink , and debian for the real heavylifting 24/7 scraping operations, databases etc.


…Chromebook anyone? :rofl:

I’ve been on it for almost 2 years. Treating me very well in terms of performance (multiple tabs), battery life (6-10 hours) and portability (so light in my bag). And to know EVERYTHING is in the cloud gives me so much freedom tbh.

One thing I struggle with on my chromebook is proper video editing software. Which makes it difficult for all-round social media marketing…

But there are some workarounds for photo/video editing I use. Mainly:

  • Canva (photo)
  • Kapwing (video)

Edit: but I do miss gaming Diablo 2 and Broforce from my old Macbook Pro though :sweat:


Yeah man, Apple just hooks you into their eco system. Shit is just beautiful as well. I got the 2017 Macbook Pro and space gray is just fire. Also the touchbar is really efficient IMO and I wouldn’t want to miss it. Shit is obviously expensive though, but for the amount of time I am spent with dealing with shit with Windows, and how much faster I am in Mac OS, it is worth it.

I am thinking about an iMac, too. In fact, I remember debating about buying an iMac vs Macbook back when I bought the laptop because the iMac is just better value in terms of specs. But the macbook is portabal which was more important at the time. Now, I am waiting if apple is ever going to do a redesigned iMac. Although I still love the iMac designed, and the past couple of years I was really digging it, I think its due for a redesign. Perhaps 30 inch display and thinner bezels?

EDIT (5 mins later): As I was writing this, replying to a couple of messages, I then switched to YouTube and lmao first thing that is suggested: The new 16 inch macbook pro. Now, I want that as well :smiley:


100% agree. I love how fluid their products work together. Airdrop is a godsend for transferring things between my phone, and I’m absolutely stuck in their ecosystem despite how overpriced their products are. Price aside, they are well made computers and I’d recommend them. If you can charge it on a 0% interest credit card with Best Buy, then write off that as an expense it is an easy buy haha.