Make money on Pinterest 2018


In 2018, did Pinterest change any new algorithms? I’m learning marketing with Pinterest from PIN, repin, boart, …
Sorry I’m new in this field


good ,. go on bro


Pinterest 2018 wants active accounts, and boards. Repin often and keep fresh pins going to each board.


What is the safe number of re-pins per board and per account?


It depends on the age of the profile, number of boards, and past activity. I would start slow. 4 to 5 pins to each board a day. Keep adding boards and slowly ramp up the number of pins to each board.

If you hit limits than back off a little.


Pinterest is not quite hard to grow. Follow/Unfollow, get the pins going. Algorithms are not really punishing.


Users with lots of traffic have dozens of boards for each profile. It gives you the ability to repin the same image to multiple boards on each profile. Make sure they are relevant. For instance you could have a pin of an image with a fashionable women. You could repin in boards for women fashion, dresses, hair, colors, jewelry, things I like, etc.

Get creative. Good luck.