Making 100k+ per month on YouTube by doing random compilations?

I noticed there are a lot of people trying to sell expensive courses on how to get ad revenue from viral compilation videos. Here’s one of them:

I think there’s a lot of BS information out there trying to get people to buy these courses. But there are actually these kind of youtube accounts getting millions of views per day just by reediting memes/vines and stuff. You can check them out and see that they have ADs on their videos which means that they earn like 3$ per 1000 views.

I actually considered to try it out but I do think that these would be the main problems:

  1. YT is going strong against content duplication (might be why these people who are doing this know the end is coming and try to squeeze some more bucks out of it by selling courses of methods that won’t work anymore sonn anyway)

  2. It apparently takes months to go through the process of being accepted to turn on ads on your videos and it sounds like it will be very hard to be accepted if you do compilations

What do you guys think? Did anyone try this method?

I’ve never tried it, and probably never will since they recently changed their policy and it’s much harder to get your channel monetized:

Here are requirements:

  • You have more than 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months.
  • You have more than 1,000 subscribers.
  • You create content that meets YouTube Partner Program policies.

So, yeah, months of waiting and working on your channel before you can start earning.

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Yeah, I think if you want to start now you’re a little late to the party. But when watching this video I thought… “dayum… i’ve been growing accounts on the wrong platform :’(” LOL

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They can demonetize your video if it contains duplicated content. Also it will be hard to rank that because there are a lot of people doing that. And i doubt that you are going to earn 25 grands for 8M views honestly.

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