Manual engagement for insta

Hey guys,
As we’ve all been going through a ton of trouble with Botting these days, we decided to give it a go manually on 2 accounts. 200 follows per day and around 25 likes. 50 follows 4 times a day, set alarm at these times. Likes at random hours between

0 blocks in 2 months on both accounts.
400-700 new followers monthly.
Accounts have a daily post, nothing viral.

Yes, a lot of work and being constant, but it does work…
We are now going back to jarvee and crossing our fingers that its going to work as well!


It works great. I work in a similar way. I do follows/unfollows manually and get my automation tool to like my own followers posts from the past 3 days and also watch my own followers stories to increase engagement.

For me the most important part is that we havent had any type of ban at all!
I really do hope that with Jarvee it works ok too!

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That’s a pretty good idea !

  • We discussed in many other threads about manual Follow/Unfollow, and it seems like it doesn’t reach the same limit it has in Jarvee (6000 follows per month max.),

  • I personaly only do 300 per day, but i even sucessfully did 800 per day.

  • When you’re efficient with this method, you can get an nice FBR, and following 300 profiles per day only required 15 to 18 minutes of my day ! The FBR is between 50 and 100, daily, (so 20% at least)

  • The best part of a good manual F/U is that you can hide the mass following patterns that can be seen on the IG tool analytics. Looks so legit ! Like you never did F/U.


Wow, really nice numbers guys. So it seems manual is the way to go for the time being if you plan on doing the follow/unfollow method

May i ask how many unfollow are you doing with those daily 200 follow+other actions and when?

You mean follow and unfollow in small blocks so you don’t have big waves in your following count? If that’s what you meant, can’t you do it with automation too?

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hey bro you’re using the account both manually and bot? but you’re focusing more on the profile audience that’s good. Are you getting into any troubles following manually? also how many followers are you able to do per hour/day manually? i have heard people say manually we can follow more than 6k i am testing it but it’ll take time to understand.

No, i actually F/U by 100+ in a row :slight_smile:

  • But when you have a look at the statistics, i’m not F/U anything !

  • Every day i’m ending up with the same ratio

  • Looks like a natural small growth (50 to 100 per day) by just spending 15- 20 minutes a day



How do you guys keep track of who’s been followed once already? You could end up following the same people over and over again and they can flag you for that.

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yes i was wondering about that also how do we unfollow people whom we have only followed for getting something back. what about the whitelist of client?

  • There is no compatibility between being fast and being able to track people you already followed. Impossible manually, on the app :confused:

  • Just keep going F/U and don’t care about who you follow. This is my wise advice. Otherwise it won’t take ya 15min, but 1 hour. Who has 1 hour per day to spend for this ^^’

  • And there’s nothing to flag, why do you say that ? You’re not gonna get punished because you unfollowed them. And they have no proof because your acc looks legit as fuck ahaha



Actually, I’m not 100% sure if it’s discouraged. When 6000K/30day limit was first implemented, I remember playing around and noticing even if I’m at the 6000 cap, I could still follow really big accounts and people I already followed before.


is it dangerous (for getting blocks) having jarvee doing follows and the user on the phone doing likes simultaneously?


so you follow 100, and then pretty much unfollow another 100 keeping your following count the same?

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What I’m saying is, if you follow a real person, then unfollow, then follow again then unfollow etc. eventually that person will be annoyed to shit by that, and could easily report your account.


Not getting into any trouble manually apart from the unfollows dont stick after around 200 at a time so you have to wait around half an hour to do it again. I would advise if you have the time, to do 100 follows 5x a day. And then do 3 lots of unfollow the next day before you follow again.

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why are you going back to jarvee if it works

been doing things manually too and its the best thing ever, expanding my team real fast

Good idea, I guess it is better than nothing while we wait for the dust to settle !

I do around 400 unfollows per week unless I see the followed are too high, and I’ll push it up to a whole week on un follow if necessary… Being honest, I haven’t been so fixated on the unfollows

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