Manual growth setup - how do you do it?

Hi guys,

Hope everyone is having a good time and getting clients or growing their personal accounts successfully.

Since there are people who are doing manual growth at the moment, I was wondering what’s your setup for that? Do you have VA’s? Do you have lots of phones that you use by yourself or being helped by someone else?

I’m curious to see how a manual agency can be scaled by having a process in place to work with multiple clients in a safe and consistent way.

Thank you for your time!


Outsourcing is the key with Manual Agency,it’s useless to waste your time and do it on your own.

VA’s are 50/50. You can get a good ones or bad ones… Bigger obstacle is - Their country logins. Telling USA client - Hey verify our foreign login from India? No-go.

Even we had some problems with country origin(central Europe) and had to move a lot of assets in UK which results in a higher cost for service but hey, quality is there. As my story of manual company is - You are gonna spend a lot of money on phones and finding right people to do the job. We on MPSocial think well F/UF is worth that and that, blah blah. Giving a smartphone and F/UF to a random Joe ain’t gonna do it.

But when you have 3-5 people, every managing 30-50 accs, you’re gonna see the light :wink:

Where do you find these high quality people? Upwork?

Was searching on Fiverr and Upwork but have’t tried anyone from them. I was fortunate a lot it got out mouth-to-mouth and from reaching connections, friends I had. So far doing good like that.

What about VPNs? Or actually telling the truth about having a remote team in different countries? Do you think you’ll get better VA’s if you are willing to pay a bit more for more qualified people?

3-5 people, 30-50 ACC’s (each) sounds expensive

You need to try some people once and when you find someone good then just get VA’s from his referrals and give him the task of supervising people who were referred through him.

So far this method has helped me to find some quality people.

I literally sit for up to an hour a day just going through hashtags etc and liking posts or following people. I used to use a VA, which worked as well. Now I am trying a python bot which is working well. I try not to like to many posts a day. Following will be next. I am getting over 50 followers a day

instapy or your own?

I just got a young guy from India make it for me. It has a simple UI. I just type in my log in when I open it, I then choose a hashtag and then how many likes I want. I did about 1100 likes today on various hashtags.

Next one he is making me is a follower one. He is adding in time intervals as well. It runs through chrome

Selenium with python is detectable as far as I have heard,try to automate your phone instead of web automation.

I don’t know what selenium is, but I will ask him about it. I go slow I am using it for my store.

Okay but prefer more of automating your mobiles now with Appium or any other methods instead of automating the web which is less trustworthy as of now.

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Why would anyone use a VPN or Proxy on a smartphone. You are not automating. With that we are just risking clients accounts.


Network? How many accounts you can actually run per phone?

7-9 is the sweet spot.

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i keep it only 2 o.o

all 7-9 logged in the same time and app? :thinking:

What’s up. I’m completely new here, but I’ve been running my clients manually. I.e. a bunch of phones. I’m looking to automate, but much of the language being used on the boards are unknown to me. I have my niche and a great relationship with my clients, but I’d love to learn some of the basics of automation and lingo used around it. Are there bots out there that I can run without getting blocked? What kind of VPN or Proxy should I use (if that’s even what I need), what’s a VA or scraper? I obviously don’t know much, but I’m smart with this stuff, and most importantly can sign clients. Any help from anyone regarding how I can automate and make some more dough, would be tremendously appreciated. I’m grateful to find this community. It’s exactly what I need.:+1: