Manual Method King Method - Created by (Bigpack)


this forum is to help – thank you for this thread, let the past be that – the past, you did this to help others and show you have a method – a good one too.


Is it possible to use this and create scripts that include comments? Let’s say I have keyboard shortcuts for the comments, is it possible to implement my comment drops into this method?


He was talking about the last topic.

Many though he was a “no legit” sellet


Mad respect for finding the strategy and we all really appreciate you sharing it with all us after your experience with another thread a few days ago. People only went at “you” because another user PM all of us on that thread and without looking at the persons name that PMed was, we assumed it was you, I was also going to say on that previous thread that you a scam but I took a 2nd look at the name and was wrong. We do apologize and thank you once again for sharing your strategy with us!


problem is, there’s no filter.


:100::100::supervillain:🏾‍♂ no problem bro


There’s no filter, but you can make a filter :man_shrugging:t5: I brought you to the lake now fish :fishing_pole_and_fish:


Certainly interesting stuff - thanks for sharing. That video doesn’t seem to work any more though?


I deleted the video after I got kicked out my own thread :joy::joy::joy::electric_plug::electric_plug:


Haha, fair enough! :joy:


haaha the system does not differ from real life and the relation btw rich and poor people and those ntw them

forums are to help and spread the knowldege while we should have infos coming from top to the bottom its the opposit weird and funny

have nice day everyone

can we call it a mafia forum ? lol


After I got kicked out of my own post that’s how i felt. I said this must be the mafia. This is why I stopped here. I contributed a gem, but i will not expand on this topic because, the real motive here is to help lvl 2 users and leave us level 1 users hurting. With as much of knowledge I have I should be on level 100 cough cough!!!:joy:


first ya let us taste without showing,
then you let us taste and take away.

Problem is I seen this tactic used many times before. There was nothing noble in what you did. all show and tell, infact I bet you planned to do this from the start. I am now mad at myself for even trying to help.
oh well…life goes one.


Problem is I posted the method. The video was to only show proof it work. Read what I posted and you will see this actually works. I could care less about any negative comments this time you people bash me when I don’t post method bash me when I do. Stop acting like you handicapped and test the method. God gave you eyes, mouth, feet, hands, use it. You talking about there’s was nothing noble about what I did so you mean to tell me following 500 followers in one day is not noble. Man I’m starting to think some of you want to be spoon fed. I’m from the streets where nothing I s given you have to bust your you know what to make it happen. Same rules applies in this digital world to. The ones that are smart will be using this method to grow account just watch. The lazy ones will suffer. I’m good because I’m following without blocks, commenting without blocks, liking without blocks. So you want to be lazy that’s on you the knowledge is in that post. If it wasn’t it wouldn’t have gotten deleted so quick and moved to lvl 2.


You manage to overpass the IG action limits ?

Because 500 followers a day is a damn busty rocket growth bro


And seriously I’m not on this forum to debate with anyone if you can’t learn from what I posted then continue to use J and suffer from blocks. If you can’t be positive, I’m not responding to negativity this time. I got a 14 year old son i could be debating with. Hope this thread helps the people who do understand me.


you put a twist on a method that’s been around since andriod began – macro recording. how is that new?


Ok buddy enjoy your day. You got something to say about everything. Enjoy your day and I hope the blocks end for you :100::100::sunglasses:


Test it out and see for yourself. Then you will see why I’m the goat :goat:


first of all bigpack i have to apologized to you
on your last post you post i told your try to sell service on aPM
because at the same time someone send aPM on the same topic name as you and try to sell is service
and i was shourd it was you
im very sorry for that and very sorry that you get a bad vibe from this community
this is not the case this community is the best and love to help each other
so please accept my sincere apologies :pensive:

and for you method :clap::top: