Manual Method King Method - Created by (Bigpack)

Earlier this week I made a post letting the community know I had a manual method that was king and very much working. I got bashed by many users as if they thought it was a lie.

After continuing to test the method and after gaining some good results, I decided to now share the method. Hope everyone benefits from this as we are all in this together looking for a way to stay alive and keep our businesses thriving.

So let’s begin!

Things needed

  1. Jailbroken or rooted device
  2. Auto touch in cydia if you are a Iphone user and Hiro macro if you are a Android user.
  3. Of course unlimited 4g dataplan from your device. (Note: you can you use your home connection, but keep in mind blocks may occur, so it’s better to use your devices data.

At the moment you can create scripts to control 5 Instagram accounts per device.

I’m currently running off of Iphone so I’m going to explain how I run my setup. What you have to do is go to the Instagram app, login in to your accounts. After login you need to go to the tags section and search hashtags you are wanting to target. So for example if you want to target rappers, musicartist, producers, you would search one by one for those Hashtags.

After searching for the hashtags you are targeting Instagram will store these hashtags in a list on the same exact tags tab, so you should have a list there when done searching.

Next you need to activate your Autotouch app to begin our record process. To activate Autotouch you need to down press the volume button on your Iphone, keep in mind Android users can use the same method using Hiro macro, I would recommend searching how to use the Hiro macro app as I’m running my scripts off Iphone, but again it’s the same process.

While still on the tags tab of the Instagram App and after activating the Autotouch app, a box will pop up and a little button on the side displays as “Rec” (It’s Red BY THE WAY) What you have to do is click the rec button and the moment you press the button, you need to start and click a hashtag from the tabs list.

Once you click the Hashtag you are now going to click recent, and then scroll down to refresh the feed.

Now you have to click a photo or video from the recent list of content showing and you can either like or follow the user.

After liking or following, I would recommend timing yourself as we are trying our best to simulate human behavior. You then need to hit the back arrow tab on the instagram app all the way until you get back to the tags search tab. Now stop the rec by down pressing the volume button.

You have now created your script and are ready to start following and liking users without any blocks.

To add delay to the script you need to open the Autotouch app and click the script you’ve just created a box will pop up giving you the options to change play settings and how many times you want the script to loop.

Keep in mind if you are a rookie, it will take a few tries to create and record your script, but i can guarantee once you have it recorded the right way. you will be running operations flawlessly on the platform.

After editing the settings of the script go back to Instgaram app and head back to the tabs search page, there you will see the same list of hashtags you searched for in a list.

Now you need to activate the script to begin doing the actions you recorded earlier. To activate you need to down press the volume button and again a box will pop up this time you will click the script you created earlier and the process will begin running.

With this method I have managed to run all day and all night without one block. Instagram wants you to stay on the app and I know you guys know they keep a log if your scrolling or really liking these photos. With this method you are scrolling and playing by the guidelines Instagram has put in place because it all comes from within the app.

Keep in mind you can record actions to unfollow users or you can get a app from the app store to get rid of the users who don’t follow you back. I put this thread together to lead my fellow marketing to the pond, but you must fish for yourself.

This will help a lot of you guys as this is fully working as I’m running it now as a type.

Any questions, suggestions, help to make this method better, feel free to speak out. Any way I can help I’m online 18 hours a day.

Let’s win!

Proof this is working in video attached below. For the privacy of Instagram users the tool followed, I blurred some parts of the video.


How many follows are you completely a day with this method / how long have you been doing that number?


Good one mate! Scaling this would be an interesting one. I’m gonna test it tomorrow on an old iphone.


Moved to lvl2. If it’s working, it should not be open to the public.


Something like this was posted on BHW s few months ago so it’s kinda already known. For iPhone it involved the blind features of handicapped settings( recording key strokes). This method is much better

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If that person is not level two no questions will be answered cause he can’t see his own post

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There you go.


This sounds like the best approach I’ve heard of


Thanks Bro <3 <3 <3


Okay, I doubted when you first posted, but this seems quite legit. Will try it out in a week or so on an old phone that I will grab. Let’s see how this goes.

On a sidenote I am also really interested if you had the 6000/30 block with this method? How many follows were you able to do daily and monthly?


I’m scared to answer some shady things happened after I posted this. I thought this community was to help people? I’m totally lost?

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It is the best approach trust me


It may be known, but I put my own bbq sauce on it and it’s magic time :smiling_imp::smiling_imp: side note never seen it on bhw but hey :man_shrugging:t5:


So we can only run 5 accounts per device? have u tested more accounts on same device? Is the YT video got deleted?

Can’t even answer your questions, not trying to be a, A hole, however I posted this and got kicked out of my own thread once the mods knew how good this method was. And not to mention I got bashed last week like i had nothing. To many red flags here for me to answer secret questions. But I will say read what I wrote and perform your own test. I got bashed for so called not having a method, then I post and look what happens next, to weird for me. I’ll stick to being a reader and nothing more lol.


Lol no one bashed you, they just moved it to level 2 because you can’t mention specific software here.

Ok buddy yea sure. Last week I took a beating now I come with the sauce and still get a beating lol can’t win on here.

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I moved it, not a mod. Feel free to answer anybody I just thought it was too valuable info for the public to see it. I was wrong, moved it back, didn’t see you were not lvl2 yet.

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