Manual Method King Method - Created by (Bigpack)


Hey mate, I can ensure you that almost everyone here appriciates your time and decision to share this promising method. And I sincerely thank you for that. Many of us will test it, some will succeed, some will fail.

However, there is one more important thing that you neglect here, and that is behaving like a well-mannered, polite adult. You will have to understand that many people here (and everywhere when I think about it) are sceptical about promises that are falsely delivered. Noone bashed you or criticized you because you are you. We did it because we are cautious. And I am sorry if that offended you, but that is just normal level of awareness that many of us here have, and you need to understand that. I personally am not Lvl 2 myself and I can still see why @eNzim did what he did.

So, I really think you should calm a little and try to have a normal discussion with the majority of us here who are eager to talk and share experiences. It just feels a little bit explosive the way you approach things, and noone is ready to continue a discussion with unnecessary tension.


@bigpack I think you should calm down first…dont expect everyone should praise you for this…This is not a new method and you dont invent anything. Macro recording is not a new thing…and lot of ppl here are already know about this. Do you think this is how to play with toys forum?
You may feel like u invented GOLD, but u r not…So plz calm down mate.


No problem my guy :100::100:


Hey thanks for your input, try the method out. You might stop getting blocked. Wish you the best mate.


Ok :ok_hand: wish you the best. Hopefully one day the blocks will stop for you as well. My best regards! :100:


Man, you don’t get it… You really don’t get it… Sorry to even brought up anything…


I guess I’m just gonna grab some popcorn and watch this…


Don’t get what? I said I wish you the best. I hope everything sincerely works out for you. I read your comment. And I do get what you said. I explained I will not debate with anyone. You can say the worst thing and all I’m replying with is positivity. Again go for what I posted the blocks may end for you mate. Cheers :clinking_glasses:


Hope you are not saying in a sarcastic way… :sunglasses:


Now why would I do such a thing :man_shrugging:t5: Noooo not me :man_shrugging:t5:


@bigpack i don’t know why but your pulling fire without wanting
even when you trying to help your pulling fire on your self

all of you people please stop this kindergarten act
and focus on the main subject
run some tests and let see if we can break the 6000 follow for 30 days
this guy is not the enemy
Zuckerberg is the enemy :japanese_ogre:


I got so many slaves and other techniques bro, i can’t really spread myself into this right now, but for sure could test it out !


It’s pulling fire because not one place on this forum discusses my method. Don’t worry bro this happens in real life to me too. I make thousands daily in and out my sleep I had to cut friends off because they start to become jealous when they here that PayPal notification hitting and it’s for more than what they would make at a full time job. I’m not worried all I tried to do was help. If it helps you I wish you the best to @porianl :100:


Ok remember 5 accounts per device.


@bigpack thank you so much for the help! I will test this with an old phone. Do you have a correct way to jaikbreak an iPhone and then install the auto touch app? Going to try on another phone. Also, I’m a total noob with this autotouch thing. Would it be possible to run 2 scripts side by side? If i wanted one to do actions in telegram for example? Also do I need the phone to be on?



Uncover is how you can jail break look at the screenshot I just posted


Also hold tight I may make a tutorial how to run autotouch but remember there may be tons of videos about this on YouTube


A Cydia impactor is needed to jailbreak. It’s not hard takes 5 to 10 minutes top.


Thanks for posting! How do we do this for 3000 accounts?