Manually sending DMs through the App (non-followers)

Hello guys,

I’m currently sending DMs manually through the app (to non-followers) to see patterns of blocks.

The goal is to send 50 DMs per day for each account. I’m sending them in batches of 10 and with 3 accounts on the same phone since I don’t have others left here.

Day 1: Sended 30 per account
Day 2: Sended 20 per account
Day 3: Sended 30 per account (Today)

Today I got the first action block on 1 account at the 30th DM. After that I tried to reply to an existing conversation - Worked. Then I tried to send a DM to a new follower - Worked.

Is anybody doing this through the app as well? Let’s share experiences, maybe we can figure out if it’s about a limit when X amount of DMs don’t get a reply or something else. When we find a way to do it manually through the app it can be outsourced to Virtual Assistants easily. If the offer is high enough in price it could be worth it.

Do you think it’s better to send DMs manually through the EB since the device ID is different? On the other hand using the app is not emulated but not ideal with 3 accounts sending 50 DMs per day.

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yes ut what about scaling it + time it takes…

In what way is this even related to the current situation? You’re sending to non followers which is spam nonetheless. The issue is sending to new followers.

There are several factors that arent the same exactly to botting it so not sure what this test will show exactly? You’ll find the limits to sending outsourced manual SPAM

Not meant to be rude or anything. Trying to follow the reasoning here

sending messages to NEW followers or non-followers in my opinion doesnt make that much of a difference because both is a “new” conversation, without any prior history

I had this idea about amount of
“How many of the sent messages sent get a reply within 24 hours”
this way Instagram can filter spam, if they want to block from DMs slave accounts sending shit like “hey you for sure would be interested in my Friend @blablablablaXXX he is a great photographer”
(hello mother/slave providers)

there must be something along those lines, because newly added accounts in software CAN send messages to new followers (because they have no data/history/% of DMs being opened and or answered)

EDIT: perhaps something like, if open-rate and answer-rate is lower than 10%, then flag this account as a spam/bot account, if you only get 10 replies out of 100 messages sent…

I dont think that’s necessairly true. If you send to non followers you end up in requests (which IG implemented to ‘combat’ spam) while if you send to new followers you end up in the regular inbox, or am i wrong?

I’m sure IG makes a difference in blocks and bans if message always go to requests instead of the inbox

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yes you are 100% right there.


So even if it works manually outsourced to a limit of 50dm/s day i feel like you’ll be burning accounts at fast rate?

Personally i think the test is much more interesting if it’s about new followers but then again the difference in device id, proxy,… feels like it will only cause block troubles in the long run. Could be wrong though

Anyhow i’ll follow the testresults. I guess it’s always interesting to see all kinds of testing

of course I dont know for sure, all im seeing from my tests it this

  • new accounts send DMs like butter
  • accounts with heavy DMs history are blocked no matter what I do (API/EB, reset device IDs blabla)

possible issues/ideas I have

  • maybe a new daily/weekly/monthly limit as for 6000/30 from the summer? and our blocked accounts are just over the limit so we have to wait to get under the XXXX/30 number?
  • maybe IG keeps track of Open-rate of those messages?
  • maybe IG has some “cap” for possible conversations in IG app itself, meaning, you can only follow max around 7k users right? what if we only can have XXX conversations in our DMs, because we can reply to existing conversation, not to the new ones.

I might be delusional, but if somebody is willing to run tests like I am to compare results, lets do it, DMs are important to keep my clients


I think this one doesnt really makes sense since new followers get the message in the regular inbox anyways and will most probably always open it out of curiousity

This one cant be correct since i have mains with tens and possibly 100k’s of DM’s in them since the IG account start manually non botted though. This seems practically killing the platform if there is some sort of hard non timebased limit in what’s publicly invisible. If they would implement some sort of limits judging by previous history a lot of accounts will be broken completely for weeks, months, years. just like they didnt limit people who followed more than 7.5k people before the limit was introduced. Correct me if i’m wrong.

The OP is basically testing manual spam limits which dont have much related to the current situation in my opinion? Not sure what the benefit would be from doing 50 hard core spam messages / day knowing you’re risking the account (bans) in any niche unless IG doesnt ban and only (hard)blocks manual spam actions. If he has luck with whatever niche he’s in that people actually open and reply on a highrate he might be able to avoid the bans (for a longer temp time) i believe. Not sure if the OP is doing other botted actions simultanously aswell.

@oneoneseven It IS related to the current situation. DM blocks started happening to everyone the same day, doesn’t matter if it’s to followers or non followers, They do end up in different inbox which is true however both have 1 thing in common - it counts as a NEW conversation. Also you are not burning accounts if you are not breaking rules with website links/adult stuff. I have been botting DMs for the past year to non followers, got thousands of blocks but never banned.

@OP for me, it’s different, old accounts with high trust score (I’m assuming) can send much more DMs than fresh ones. Instagram always had a daily limit (40-70, depending on the type of message) but the new blocks follow a certain pattern, 90% of my blocked accounts can send DMs right away device resets so most of the blocks are related to the device and not account itself.


It could be also that X amount of users need to read the message. Until 1-2 weeks ago I was able to send 40-50 messages to non-followers everyday until my DMs got blocked as well. The difference I see from 1-2 weeks ago (automated) to now, is that the messages were spread out the whole day, which increases the chances for few people to see/reply to them before daily limits is reached. In the test in the app I sended around 30 DMs in 4-5 hours.

@Artie How often do you need to change the Device ID to run the DMs properly? Any issues experienced when changing the device ID that often?

What about switching between 2-3 Device IDs all the time when blocked? Or wasn’t a problem at all to generate a new one so often?

I also don’t think anybody mentioned having your DM reported yet? It wouldn’t surprise me if 1 out of however many are successfully sent gets reported, it automatically starts throttling your account for safety/spam prevention reasons.

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Sure, that could be the case as well, but to be honest, I don’t think that somebody reported my kind of message. Not everybody is replying obviously but it’s highly relevant/targeted (since I’m sending them in the app I didn’t had 1 single message which was unrelated) and the message doesn’t look spammy at all.

Of course, just throwing it out there as a possible human factor that you can’t predict or know is happening, beyond trying to interpret the algorithms automated limitations.

Been changing device IDs once every day since these blocks started happening.
@ian I don’t think reports play a role here, I’ve been manually DMing on 2 of my main accounts for the past 2 years - probably over 10k DMs total so I have definitely accumulated 500+ reports by now on each and yet I can still manually DM 30-40 every day.

Yes, you’re right. Is there a way to see if a message gets reported? @ian I believe not, since reporting a message doesn’t equals blocking or reporting the person right?

Device resets dont cause bans? Cause i read you did it practically every day. Doesnt sound too healthy

That’s what I’m wondering as well.

What about switching between 2-3 Device IDs when 1 gets blocked? So you don’t generate a completely new Device ID everyday, like people wouldn’t buy a new phone everyday. It would be like trying your second phone for example. @Artie Did you tried that as well?

hmmmm with DMs being reported by the users, how would you go about it @ian
any ideas? meaning, if the account is already fkd (potentially blocked)

would be interesting if DMs started working if you completely changed the text of the msgs itself, so some AI doesnt recognize it as the same DM that was being sent over and over again (even thought using spintax, probably still some % of similarity)

Never got banned. A lot of people around here create accounts - I always buy them (3-4 month old ones but no followers) so maybe that’s a difference.
@roy never tried that.

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