🔥 MASS DM SERVICE - Cheap and High Quality Mass DM Service - Send Millions of DM's per Day - 10% Extra for Free!

About the service

This is a high quality mass DM service which can be used for various purposes such as growing accounts, finding new clients, generating traffic, increasing engagement, promoting (CPA) offers or creating brand awareness.

How does it work?

We discuss the results you would like to achieve and based on this information we advise what kind of DM and target settings will be the most effective. After discussing the details we will scrape all the users based on your target settings and start sending the DM’s to your target list. We can easily send 1+ million DM’s per day. On average the DM’s stay in the recipient inbox for more than a week.


Because we appreciate you as a client we will overdeliver +10% for free. So if you order 50.000 DM’s you will receive 55.000 DM’s and if you order 300.000 DM’s you will receive 330.000 DM’s.


From 50k DM’s: $3.0 per 1,000
From 100k DM’s: $2.8 per 1,000
From 250k DM’s: $2.6 per 1,000
From 500k DM’s: $2.4 per 1,000
From 1M DM’s: $2.3 per 1,000

Prices are including scraping.

Minimum order is 50.000 DM’s.

** We will overdeliver +10% for free! **

At the moment the DM service is working very good, if an Instagram update in the future will make it harder for us to reach our high standards we will raise prices.

At the moment we accept bitcoin and credit card. You will get 5% discount by paying with bitcoin.

Refund Policy and Guarantees

We guarantee all DM’s are being sent out correctly. If for any reason we are unable to send the DM’s (which never happened before) you will receive a refund. We are not able to make guarantees about results.


You can reach me by sending a DM.

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Sales thread approved. Good luck!

Good Luck with this! :heart:

Good luck with the sales.

Are you sending DMs to each individual person or putting 20-30 people in a group chat?

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DM’s to each individual person for best results :slightly_smiling_face:

Im currently sending 250k/ week (1 million+ per month) atm. I’m paying $3.5/ 1k and the results are really solid.

Your price is more reasonable, however it’s hard to test this concept/ ensure deliverability.

What are your thoughts?

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do u offer any trail for DM ?

I have sent you a DM

I would love to test this with 10.000 DMs first before paying the full price, let me know if it’s possible.

All private messages are answered! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m interested, DM me and i want to know what does 10% extra mean?

One question, can we choose in how many days we want that DMs will be delivered?

Yes we can do this for you, no problem!

It means we will overdeliver 10% for free. So if you order 100K DM’s you will receive 110K DM’s which is 10K DM’s for free. If you order 200K you will receive 20K for free and if you order 1M you will receive 100K for free, etc.

I sent you a DM. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m interested, how do we order

I am also interested. Please let me know how to order? How can I understand all message being send out?

What’s your offer for the solid results? Is it CPA? Ecom? Something else?

All private messages are answered! :slightly_smiling_face:

I just placed a $750 order will report back with results.