Mass DMs are dying and will die completely now

The old way to build thousands of real followers was to use any Mass DM service. You could get 10k followers in a day for example

They’ve been limiting the amount of DMs you can say, now they’re completely wiping out DMing strangers

This will inevitably kill mass DMs

What’s the solution?

I believe mass dm’s is already dead unless it’s a very high margin product we are selling. For followers its around 0.1%

Follows and Likes will never stop working. They are principle features of the platform, so it’s relatively future-proof to build your method around them in my opinion.

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I remember you could get 10k followers in a day with mass dms

A business account doing that is terrible and mother slave for certain niches looks tacky. Mass DM was the best method

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Agree, but you do these mass actions via the child accounts, so it directs traffic indirectly without tarnishing the brand. If its a legit business with a good image just run paid Meta ads rather than messing with blackhat stuff imo. I run real ads for such businesses and only Jarvee stuff with OnlyFans etc

I can still get you 10K followers in a day via Mass DMs, it’s just going to cost higher than what it used to be. But definitely still works

Is it possible to build 10k followers in a month via ads for a luxury fashion brand ?

Let me know price and send me past examples, I’ll consider it heavily

Follow/unfollow method is still going strong though, if you have the know-how that is.

Hey Daimen, Im curious about onlyfans… What can be done with Jarvee and OF?

What limits are you using for it? About how many followers do you get per month with it?

And if you want to end with 0 followings, do you do a 2:1 ratio of unfollows to follows or do you just do a bunch of unfollows with no followings at the end of a month?

Also, can you combine high numbers of other actions with follow-unfollow or not? I’ve heard you can work up to 200-300 follows a day on an aged account. But how many feed likes, story views, story likes, etc. can you do in the same day with it?

Feel free to PM answers if you want. Sorry for so many questions, just jumping right into studying this.

Right now I’m solely focusing on follow-unfollow which can add up to 5000 even on a relatively fresh account without receiving any action restrictions. Depends how you set it up, but you usually give a certain timeframe to do the unfollowing after, e.g. 24 - 48 hours after following regardless if the account followed back or not.

“But how many feed likes, story views, story likes, etc. can you do in the same day with it” - haven’t fully experimented with these. Story views shouldn’t be affected as much as liking stories/reels though.

How much does that usually cost you to run? I might be interested if you can supply this service

Service like Follow/Unfollow still work well. Also, likes on targeted accounts are massive with well crafted DMs (A.i. mainly).
Mother/Child is the most complex, but made for scaling and safest for long term growth. Bringing you a measurable return on invest.
Anywhere from a few hundred per month and full management from a few thousands even. Not just because of the knowledge and experience needed for this, but also the various cost involved in setting up a system for this.

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They sure do still work…!

Do you still offer the service? I remember you did it well

Yes we do. Check our sales thread.

Funny. We charge $4000. :wink:

Took a break from MP social for a few months good to see nothing has changed :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: