Mass emailing thousands per day? How?

Hey I found a way to scrape thousands of email adresses per month by potencial customers (my niche)
I have a list with over 50,000 emails …I scraped them randomly from social media.

Now, what do I need to do to send out bulk emails? a mass mailing system?
I wanna send 1000-3000 or even more per day.

Please help me :slight_smile:

Mailing thousands of people a day is easy. The problem is that you want to send spam.

With email it’s important that it is delivered to the inbox, and not in the spam box. I found out that sending email with your own smtp server on an own vps is getting difficult. A lot of email is seen as spam. Even with a vps I already have for years and which was never used to send spam, using email from an old safe domain.

I switched to Amazon SES for sending emails. It works perfectly, almost all my email is now delivered in the inbox. But they will not allow you to send spam.

I think your chances of success are small. I wouldn’t spend time trying this.


Can you upload scraped email lists?

Can you explain what is classed as spam by Amazon SES

I can tell you, that the fresh hell that is e-mail spam by scraping peoples emails from social media is a really good way to get a negative response/reported to the FTC.

If you have some super blackhat setup and know how to do this all successfully, then by all means, go for it. Since you asking this question in the most public part of this forum, then I am going to assume you do not have what you need to be successful with the campaign. I would do a LOT of research. It would be best to sell the lists and let pros handle it.


I wouldn’t do this! Your conversions will be low because they never signed up and they will also report your emails as spam. If they figure out who you’re (and it’s probably easy if you are not advanced email sender) you will have to pay a lot of money. :smiley:

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This will work.

Step 1. go to fiverr and order some guy to check your list for hard bounces
Step 2. Create elasticmail account
Step 3. Deposit 10$~
Step 4. Import your list
Step 5. Create your email template
Step 6. Write to support and ask why your mails are being sent so slow, they will add additional IP(s)
Step 7. Hope not to get reported for spam too fast
Step 8. Voah you got nearly 70% of those 50k sent congratz your elasticmail account is banned now
rinse and repeat until you get an opted in subscribers list


Amazon SES works like an SMTP server. It is only used to deliver the email. To send it you need something else. I now use Mautic. It is self-hosted software written in PHP, and it is free.

Spam is everything people mark as spam, people report as being spam… In my search for a solution for sending lots of emails my biggest problem was to get email in the inbox. So my biggest problem was to deliver legitimate emails, that is already difficult.


Now I understand…

I tried Elasticmail some time ago. Gmail put all my test emails sent with Elasticmail in the spam box. The reason gmail gave; “Most emails sent by Elasticmail are spam, so your test email will probably also be spam” :wink:

Yeah, i have also had many tests with mails appearing in spam/advertising folders , you have to play around with how many urls /pictures you have on your mail, (best to remove them all) , i would not say i know shit about mails, but i have been on a similar situation couple months ago , and that’s what i did, and it worked .

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My email;

This is a test email.

There were no images, no links, nothing. And Gmail put it in spam, only because it was sent by Elasticmail… With Amazon SES I have better results. All test emails I sent to different email addresses arrived in the inbox.

Might be, it’s most likely because senders IP has been abused by the user before you i guess.
If you have the knowledge on setting up amazon SES it should be better no doubts

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How about doing it by yourself, from your PC, with a windows software. Do you have the time to make little changes in the text of the email now-and-then?
I think 1000 emails/ day is acceptable by gmail. I am sending even 2k emails per day with 4 gmail accounts with 2 IPs.
Want to tell you more, please PM me.

Cold Emailing and Spam are two different things. Cold emailing is actually legal (in the USA) at least for business to business (not sure about regular consumers, look it up) so if you’re emailing businesses you should be ok.

It’s actually quite easy to get “business” emails from Instagram since for you to list your email on your IG as a button (not in the bio) your account needs to be a business account. So if they have an email they are a self proclaimed “business”.

Check this article out about cold email vs spam:

Best way to inbox with cold email is by using gmail accounts. If you find a software that rotates them you’re golden.

Or you can use SMTP services (amazonses, sendgrid, etc) with a plugin like: or

Other tools to look into are:

Mailshake and Quickmail


This is so in the US. In the EU it is not legal. You need permission before sending email.

Ofcourse if you send a small number of emails, and you personalise it, you mention the name of the person you are writinig to, you don’t use html formatting so it looks like an email you manually wrote etc there is a small chance that people will report it as spam. But even then it is still illegal.

These rules apply to businesses located in the EU etc. If you have a US business you can write to businesses in the EU if you follow the US rules.


Indeed! I did not consider anything outside of the US so i guess it depends on the OP’s location if it’s cool or not.

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Seeing that you’re talking about this I would love your feedback on a service I may start up here for fellow cold emailers, let me know what you think!

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Hi @dimitri
Just wondering if most of your emails using mautic and amazon ses go to inbox?
I’ve tried sendgrid, elastic email, sparkpost and emails go to spam and there’s been delays and limits because of something like warm up period, reputation building, etc.
With Aweber, the same emails go to inbox so it’s probably not the content or domain causing the issue…
Any suggestions?

I also tried other providers before, and many emails went to SPAM. But my experiences with Amazon SES are very good. Till now everything goes to the inbox without problems.

Amazon SES is also cheap. But more difficult to setup.

Amazon SES keeps statistics about how many emails you send cannot be delivered, how much is marked as SPAM etc. If your statistics are bad they will block your account.

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If you want to send many e-mails, I will do this:

  1. Create many legit gmail accounts
  2. Create an excel sheet with following information:
    Gmail account email:gmail account password:emails:spintaxed text
  3. Hire a programmer to write a custom script
  4. Buy proxies
  5. the script will basically send spintaxed text to all emails from all accounts running on its own proxy; I don’t remember the email sending limits for gmail, but it is around 500-2000 emails/day.