Mass-Following (Limits decreased, Service price decreased)

Hey, I have question for you guys.
Before 4th of June I was gaining my clients for 30$ a month 700-1200 followers, now the following limits decreased so now I can gain them 250-350 followers a month.
Do I have to decrease the price to 20$ or to leave it as it was (30$)? What are your personal thoughts?

Really, dont decrease the price. I think it might even be better for us because a lot of people stop using the service once they reached 10k.


Thanks for the feedback, and sorry for my English. You think people (older clients) would be interested to purchase by the same price and getting 2.5-3 times less results than it was?


raise the price X10 :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t decrease the price because if someone else was providing them such a service and the result was the same as yours, now they can’t guarantee a big growth as well, so their service is still similar to yours

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I agree with you 100, but the thing is not about competition, its more about the relevance of the service, my clients may think (sh.t this service is work poor (as all of them) we will just actually stop using the mass follow in general because its gaining you less results Thant it was. but if I will decrease the price maybe they will stick to the service like less results-less price?

What if I tell you that right now I’m getting better results than before?

Some clients getting 200-300 followers per day and I’m only following 350-400, but all the other tools do the rest.

Pretty sure the price need to go higher now, never lower.

If you can keep doing it and research for best quality growing sources and develop better strategies focused on sales and not numbers.

No, what you ask is already too cheap.


I think it’s all a matter of argumentation.

In my opinion things changed and it generally became harder to grow IG accounts now. So growing accounts should be worth more now. But you have to explain that to your customers.

“…Instagram started officially the war against bots. Automation services smm pannels and resellers all around the world are shutting down. but thanks to research, connecting with leading ig marketers all around the world and adapting your it infrastructure to the current situation you are still able to deliver the best possible service to your customers…”

Did your costs decrease or the time you put in? No - So why would you decrease the price?

I told them normally I would have to increase the price but as they are long-term customers i keep it the same.


[Itsyourtime] Some clients getting 200-300 followers per day and I’m only following 350-400, but all the other tools do the rest. How?

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I need to pay you to understand the tool?

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First you need to understand that numbers don’t matter to many of our clients, I mean everyone loves numbers but what they love more is sales. What matter to your client and make them stick with you is customers, sales, not number if they’re too much worry about numbers, something is wrong in my opinion, that need to be clear.

Second is the sources and all the tool you have by any software, what are you using for manage your accounts?

  1. Most of my clients aren’t businesses, they are photographers and producers, so its the thing.
  2. instaplus

I’ve done done auto like and auto comment as well and I don’t get any followers from this I get followers only from following other. so thats why I am surprised when you say you gain 300 followers a day to your clients

Some clients get more other less, it all depends of many things as high quality sources and ER of the profile before the automation.

I’ve many clients over 100 and 150.000 followers and their engagement is pretty well by themself, so it helps a lot to grow even faster.

So I recommend you to use some of the software that people mentioned here(can´t say names). They have many tools and filters and will help you grow faster but also filter better your sources.

What I do:

Post Comments
Story Comments
Like Comments
Story views
Full Browser Experience
And with some clients reposting their customer posts where they are tagged.


Full Browser Experience what is this?

and what filters are best I mean following people with how many follows and followers? (obviously if you follow people with 200k he won’t follow back)?

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So focus on business and less on personals.

Normally the target source I’m looking for are small influencers(10k to 100k), the biggest one normally have many fake or non interesting followers, you need to filter up and check it out by yourself.

Normally I search on google for the specific language primary names (man and woman) and use as filter to interact only with the people names that speaks the same language as the customers needs.

Full browser experience is a tool in jarvee that allow you to visit other websites and looks like human behavior.


Thank you! ddd

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Focus on high quality sources and getting as much out of them as possible. Take in consideration to use likes after follow with 1-2 likes per followed person. You can increase FBR very well with that.

You can follow 200 max. per day, so you need 15-20% follow back ratio to reach 1k followers per month. With good sources research that’s doable.

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I don’t know, you people posting that apparently have no idea about business. You think you can run something sustainable with 20-30$? You really think that’s gonna help you with anything if you contemplate about decreasing it to 20$?

Sorry if that sounded a little bit too harsh, but it just had to be said. We’ve been doing basic f/f for 1000$/m and have had no trouble getting through with that price. Same goes with just the like tool, for $200/m.

It’s all about the value you give yourself, the positioning you have and most importantly the value you can bring to your client. Of course, if your clients are 14 year old kiddos, 30$ might be all you can get away, but just to broaden your horizon. There’s enough people out there for all of us happily paying the prices I have.


lol, this just shows me you have no idea about business at all, kid. Sorry, but that’s just not how make money and how it works.