Mass-Following (Limits decreased, Service price decreased)


Actually I think you don’t have such prices and even if you have them nobody is buying, so think it over and recharge your business model, girl.


“this just shows me you have no idea about business at all” you have to know my revenues and income to say such type of things because you don’t have enough info. Sorry if I hurt your pride, girl.


Having 3 Clients at $1500/m is obviously better than having 150 clients at $30/m. You can’t argue that.


If we are talking in sense of how much work has to be done to manage them yes its true, but if we are talking about loyalty than this model sucks. Why Zara has more income than all of the fashion brands combined, think it over. And actually I dint even think she charges somebody this type of money, just showing off *)


What exactly is full browser experience? what is the differense? I’ve been using mp for a while but never used that oprion.

Now about the Reposting option, used it with good results, but seems to trigger PV and even bans, and from what i read in here, it wasn;t only me. Does it works for you? Thanks


Just saw you already answered that! Thanks :slight_smile:


Listen. I understand both sides here. But before you come on here doubting people, understand that the person you are engaging with (@heycaptain) right now is not a noob and you can learn a lot from here by doing two simple things: 1) Using the search function and 2) Respecting the advice of those that have been around here for a while.

Let me tell you something. I just joined about a week ago and in this week, I am BEYOND GRATEFUL to ALL the information I have learned and continue learning. What people are telling you here is just some advice. You shouldn’t take it so hard or attack back. If you’re gonna get anywhere in life, and definitely in this social media game, accepting constructive criticism is key. Just look at this advice as positive. People are trying to tell you something here. You are thinking about lowering your price to $20 a month yet you’re doing more work and spending more time. Why do I say that? Because you’re up right now trying to get advice from a board of people, including experts with no idea on how to price yourself. Furthermore, you are doing a disservice to yourself and the community by pricing yourself so low? Why do I say that? Simply because those services are worth WAY more than $30 a month and, quite frankly, if I came to you for services and heard that amount, I would most likely question your work because it’s just so low.

Hang around. Try to be nice. Use the search function. Engage appropriately and you may…may just get somewhere around here.



Yes but doing only 1 or 2 per day and rest another 1 or 2 days. If post many it trigger and looks suspicious indeed


Thanks for taking the time to answer @Itsyourtime :slight_smile:


I want to like your post but I can’t like anymore for now so here it goes: :heart:

Indeed with all and I’m in the same “boat” :sweat_smile::facepunch:


*your business


Do you know what is the problem with that? Time consuming. I know what you’re talking about, our pricing is bit higher than yours but it’s only the basic automations, after that they have to pay plus for ads, m/s and also consulting so it raises the price a lot for some clients that need.

But if you have 100 clients paying your 30$ you will have 3000 dollars almost 1000-1500 dollars(including your time wasted) of expenses and no time to spend a cent and believe me you gonna also have a lot of stress.

So think twice about lesser clients that pay better and value what you do, any of our clients have not question the prices because they know me and they know I’m doing my best to provide the best out there so that has a value.

To my best clients I’ve offer free days on the billing and that is more than enough, 60% of the clients didn’t even notice the follow block wave so they don’t need to know.

you’re most welcome, always nice to share.


My prime cost of the service I use is 0,75$ a month so my expenses are minimal, and taxes are the lowest.


Your time is the most valuable and that is also expense. Think twice.


look, you are telling wise things, but I have different business model, I have 300 clients a month, and have 4 people working on managing them (200$ salary each) check the salaries in Russia, and I do nothing except from improving


we are from different countries so expenses are different, and taxes and salaries and etc. ))


That is right indeed, expenses here in Portugal are high and also the european VAT tax.

That is the right thing to do of course(I mean work with others to help you out)
If it works for you, just ignore what other are talking about. Do your thing. I wish you all the best!


Thanks, you are nice guy appreciate it (sorry for my English)


and btw thanks for an advice that you gave an hour ago


I can definitely understand that.