Mass-Following (Limits decreased, Service price decreased)


No offence, but If you offered me a growth service for $30 a month I would google and check the prices of your competition once I would figure out they charge a lot more I would assume you’re either incompetent, have just started or have no idea what you’re doing or you are a scammer.

You have to know the value of the service you offer, it only takes about 5 minutes of research on google to know that it roughly costs around $200-$1000 dollars for a similar service if someone offers that for $20 its just red flags all over for me.

Your argument that you can have more clients this way does not make much sense either - good luck if you’re dealing with 20 clients rather than just one who is paying $400.

Imagine what happens if you get follow blocks like a lot of people did recently with 100 clients on your back. I would rather deal with 5 clients who are paying the same amount even at a cost of a bit more work / improved service for each of them. This way there is a lot less back and forth conversation whenever something bad happens.


Your prices are way to low. Charge at least $30 a week.


+1 to this. I haven’t started client management yet but you’ve made some good points here.


I have 300 clients monthly, and 4 people managing them, read carefully what I wrote above. Everybody has a different business model, so you can’t blame Zara for charging people 5$ T-shirt price and not increasing it to 400$ like Off white does (materials are + - the same) .

As about prices, do you find clients that pay you 1k by DM’ing the or Facebook ads?


And who will pay 1000$ for massdollowing for one month, it’s funny, like as you said “I will google”, the person will “google” and see that the prices are 4$ for one account or 5$ and will understand that you are a scam and market prices are different. Let’s be real you are using a platform, that means you are a dealer + marketologist + who you want do be doesn’t matter, market prices for one IG are less than 5-10$ all over the world, it’s the real market price, and other prices like 1k like 100,000$ for one month or even 1m$ are non logical prices, so because of this you won’t have that much clients, SMM agencies are proposing for 500$-1000$ in USA the whole FB and IG promotion + massfolowing ads posting copywriting and stuff. It means again that the 1k-2k price is not logical for the mass follow, and I am sure your clients that you were promoting and after they said “maybe next time, or we will contact you later” just found the guys like me for 30$ or found the guy for 100$ or sign up on Jarvee and stuff. (My English isn’t the best, but I think you get the point).


And I don’t understand why half of the people here think that they are “experts” and are telling like “it’s wrong” “I would think it’s a scam” telling you again everyone has his business model is it the mass market or is it the premium service, get it through your head. So because of that there are brands like Zara and Gucci, that have different prices and are focusing on different things.


You could just try and calculate it @Vlaa

  • Make an assumtion how many customers you lose with same prices
  • And how many customers you would have with new prices

And calculate the profits.

You can also calculate it for a future period and consider how many customers you would gain with new and old prices.

It’s all based on your assumptions but helps maybe finding a decision.


This my friend was perfectly put:


$30 a month in my humble opinion is RIDICULOUS. Do you answer client emails? Do you get on calls? I don’t know who or where you are, but all our clients are demanding. I believe the market is a bunch of demanding clients who bitch when they don’t grow one day.

What country are you in?

How many clients do you have?

I know some of your set costs.

Let me give you an idea on what I’m doing. We are scaling. Going after 5000 clients. Acquistion costs are anywhere from $50 to $125 just to acuire the client and to properly run the client with full customer service (true 24/7) support it costs around $40 to $50 a month.

The key is keeping these clients so we must have 24/7 support OR they will simply jump company to company.

$99 to $149 is where we are at.


Thank you! How do you find clients what channels?


Russia, tax 5%, prime costs of the system 0,5$ 1 account, only emails no calls and etc.

And how do you contact your potential clients?


A customer how long is your services?


I’d wait to change pricing. With the follow block (90% of mine are still blocked from the 4th) we don’t really know what the possibilities and limitations will be going forward just yet, and if may be possible that the follow blocks aren’t limited and anyone, manually or through automation, that follows more than a handful of people, will be blocked. Once it all shakes out in a month or two, then look at pricing.


Our technicians made the test with 200 accounts, follow blocks will disappear dependently on how many follows you done last time, for example your were blocked on 4th. Your are counting all the follows before the 4th of June (counting till 6000) and for example if it will be on 24 of May (you made the first follow from 6k) on the 24 of June the accounts will be unblocked (it depends on how many follows you done within this time) I consider you were following more than 500-600 people daily if not even more


I hope that is the case. Several of mine were around 400/500 follows a day l, so if the theory is true, mine will be unblocked any day now. I do however have some that were under that and some newer ones still blocked. We’ll see. It’s hopefully seeing a few others who have had some accounts unblocked.


In the next post they deal with the subject


I am not saying its wrong in any way I just said how I would react to it, if a service is at a fraction of a regular market price I usually do not trust it. I mean would you order a new Iphone XS from an unknown website for $200?

300 clients would probably mean you have to spend lots of time to get on calls and chat with them and from my experience the clients who pay lower prices usually tend to moan and complain quiet easily, but as long as you can manage it its fine I guess. I guess You just have a different business model that I don’t think would work for me.


It’s not the right example, the right one would be if iPhone costed 600$ (Apple gives it to the distributors) market price is 800$ I sell it for 900$ and you sell it for 3000$, this is the right example, because I don’t go under the prime cost.


And yes, I agree with the rest of your message, it’s right :slight_smile:

How do you contact your potential customers, mail, or dm?


so much hostility :\