Mass-Following (Limits decreased, Service price decreased)


(If you live in the us)

I wouldn’t charge lower than $147/mo if you are just starting. Here there is a perceived value in price…

We see stuff that is more expensive and automatically assume its better due to the increased price

Along with charging more for your service you will get better quality clients that are less of a headache to deal with

You aren’t just charging $xxx per xxx followers you are charging for your time, cost of running and knowledge when it comes to instagram

And i wouldnt ever really take on influencers or people that have nothing to sale since they wont ever see a monetary roi for our service reach out to local businesses

Personal trainers
“Yuppie” coffee shops etc

Businesses that should be living on instagram

Ideally you would charge lower to start and get case studies proof of concept and then increase price with the more people you are managing

And always upsell with other services
Fb ads
Content creation (if local)
Consulting and coaching for general growth and building a community around their audiance

There are tons of things you can upsell to increase revenue/profit as well as client ltv


“Do you have a guarantee?”

“Yes, I guarantee if you don’t take action and let us help you grow your instagram account you will be in the same place as you have been.”

Learning how to communicate with clients and sell is important. Charging $30/mo is chump change and literally lowers the perceived value of our services (at least in the US) and makes everyone else have to compete with your dirt cheap prices dont do this it hurts everyone’s business and profit margins


I just think there are different kind of services and it’s a wide range:

On the one end you can offer premium services which do f/uF but also consulting for premium clients. You put in a lot of time and effort and are “always available” and your churn rate is low (prices are high)

On the other end you can go for a full automized service and e-commerce infrastructure and just sell online and are “never available” as the option does not even exist and have a higher churn rate (prices are low)

And you can also do everything in between.

It’s not just Black and White. High price is good low price is bad. It just depends on your strategy.

Let’s say: You want to become market leader!

Does not really matter in which niche. But there are two viable strategys:

  1. you are the best (technology leader)
  2. you are the cheapest (price leader)

Of course it’s better for all of us if prices are as high as possible. But that does not mean that being cheap and going for the mass is a bad strategy.

That’s my opinion.


I haven’t read through this entire topic, so my reply may or may not be relevant now. I applied 100% off to all of my clients for their next payments. I have also doubled my prices for future clients. Yes one month I will make no money from this business, but I just paid for long term relations/ word of mouth. Some of my clients have been with me over 6 months now, they’re practically family.


I would argue the contrary, if you have 3 clients and charge 1500/m and you lose 1 you lose 1500. If you have 150 clients at 30/m and you lose 1 you lose 30… Ask walmart.

Besides, the market pretty much dictates the price,you might be able to get away with overcharging some fools but most people check elsewhere and compare. Im not arguing against your prices, just your perspective.


Your inbox with 3 clients > your inbox with 150 clients.

Your VPS with 3 clients > your VPS with 150 clients.

Your MP dashboard with 3 clients > your MP dashboard with 150 clients.

Invoicing 3 clients > invoicing 150 clients.


your inbox :joy: true that


I did just lose a $1000 client which kinda sucks, but the way I rationalize it is that I won’t actually feel it until their invoice date NEXT month, so as long as I hustle more work before then, it won’t hurt as bad. I don’t think math is accurate, but it makes me feel better.


This is what everyone should have done


I believe in you, looking forward to hear that you gained 2 more 1k clients


What do you offer as a service for $1000?


Thanks bro, we’re all gonna make it.

Growth, content creation, scraping emails, scraping images of their products that other users have posted.


Yeah. Our services need to be considered even more valuable now even though we can’t reliever the same results with the new changes.