Mass-Following (Limits decreased, Service price decreased)


Hi brother, thank you! I’m glad to know you did that too.

If it’s only that amount, I mean 10-20$ difference, you should not have problem at all!

If you increase the price a lot than I’m afraid my opinion about that will be not what everyone here want to hear but I think you need to check with those old clients that you know they don’t have much to pay as some new business owners, new musicians or starting bloggers then see if you will be able to pay the new price, if not you can have an arrangement with them for a long term deal.

I wish you all the best wish everything also many success.


You sell your services for $30/mo?

Leaving a lot of money on the table there…

I’d shoot for $149 - $499/mo per account that way you can create an actual business.

In regards to reducing pricing due to growth I would stay firm. Your operating expenses haven’t changed and either should your price.

Try adding more value with other action types such as the like comment and story viewer tool. So far I have been getting okay results with adding those additonal actions into the mix.

Hope this helps!


More clients, more headaches. Minimum effort leads to higher churn. Not my model but to each their own.

I still think staying firm on price is the way to go. Find a way to keep your pricing the same because once you go down you’re going to have a really hard time going back up.


Can you link your website? I would like to know how the people on here advertise themselves


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Agree 1 billion percent


It’s part of the hustle. Don’t be scared.

Methods of Charging Clients for Account Management

Why be Apple when you can be Nokia, right? :roll_eyes:


think about how much money you could be making if you thought these people how to get good sources and raised your prices?


@vlaa can you message me on my email ( I’d like to buy your service;


Keep same price.
Someone want to leave ? decrease it.


I went the opposite. Raised all my rates for existing customers by $50. Raised my new customer rate by $120. I’m doing more work. I want more money.


You were undercharging significantly to begin with. I don’t even see $30 as worth the effort of logging into the account on my software lmao.


ohh this topic is still on? I forgot about it, I increased the prices already.



Good to hear. We are not trying to pick on you. We just want the best for everybody.


no no, everything is cool I understood ))


never assure an estimated followers. Always ensure growth in the account.


Like not to stick to numbers or what do you mean?


Paid advertising is where the money and pretty much most passive income comes from