Mass mention people strategy

hii friends
i hared about a new type of strategy
but i don’t fully know how to set it up by JA
and didn’t know the limits for this action

so its go like that …
i whont to do a mass mention of people in my post by using a slave accounts

someone know about this strategy
and how to apply it correctly ?
i believe it be on the comment tab in JA

Do it from some Slave Accounts,you will be totally fine.

i dont see it on jarvee is there a new update

Yes, it’s in the Comment tool Settings tab > Enable Dynamic Mentions. You can use the Follow tool of your scraper account to scrape users and set Jarvee to automatically send them to the Comment tool dynamic mentions. It’s best to start with low settings. Set the Comments limit to 15-20, increase it by 1-5 daily until it reaches 40/50.


Actually can I ask … What’s the different between mention and manually inserting name by yourself?
Isn’t it the same😅

and how mention mention approximately per coment , since if we want 20 mentionned user per account , it need +3,4 comment from same account to not overabuse mentionning in 1 comment

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hii @ossi this is what i have done but for some reason its didn’t works for me
i dont use scrape account for the name list
i have a name list to add to the “enable dynamic mentions”
my problem is in the sources
i whont to mention people by url post
but if i marks "comment on specific posts based on url " i have to add a massage if i don’t add massage i can’t continue

so i marks “comment on specific users posts”
and i add my source account that i whont to mention people in is post
but i get an error "no more results found for the source for a specific user try to change the sources " :man_facepalming:

Yes, you’re right. Comment Text is required when adding post URLs for the source “Comment on Specific Posts Based on Post URL”. You can send JV support a feature request. Allowing us to add target posts with empty Comment Text seems like an easy change. hope they will add it soon.

Maybe you have strict filters or you have the option Enable comment different users across all accounts checked.

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You need a lot of accounts to do this strategy.

I wouldn’t include more than 5 users in one comment.

what this dynamix mention do just select randomly based on the list of scrapped users list 5 user to mention in 1 comment ?

yes i already done it
and they said they going to apply it soon

i don’t have filters at all
and the enable comment different user across all accounts is not checked
to tall the true jarve team support tall me the same answer like you
so i think that i do something wrong
but i don’t know why :man_facepalming:

Yes, I believe it’s random. You can choose how many users to mention in comment, and check option to remove users after they’re mentioned, so you don’t mention same users multiple times.

You can just click in the message field and press space on keyboard, it will work. Maybe even better solution is to use spinning syntax there with a lot of different emojis, i.e.

Are you sure you don’t have this checked?

also, when you open EB for the account that you’re setting up for commenting, can you access the post you’ll comment on?


thanks for the clarification , hopefully sancho will come up the day jv release the next update :sweat_smile:


No probs :slight_smile: glad I could help.

Regarding Sancho, yeah, hope so too :joy: some more fresh blood is necessary.


@ossi @Adnan you was right it was a filter problem
i didn’t see but
"skip followers " was marked " :man_facepalming:

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