Massive follow/like/both block, some API some also in EB

I am managing 300+ clients accounts. 30-50 blocked from this morning.

since this morning I have massive (almost the same as 29.6) follow/like/both blocks.
I use my own not rotating proxy 4g. 3-6 on each, but also my home ip account blocked.

I am not doing more than 200 follow a day 6/7 days aweek, and 100-400 likes.
I don’t think it is amount related.

I did start using the “FULL BROWSER EXPERIENCE” with around 50 websites from my country, maybe this is flagging the accounts or connecting them ?

I also have like exchange (only receiving) for 80 of my clients.


Having the same block wave today


Are they full blocks that extend to using instagram normally or just blocks on Jarvee?

also experienced blocks, seems like issues from last month (29th of June)

temporary blocks for just <6 hours, on likes, follows and comments too

I got hit with several of the accounts I manage with the 7 days block this morning…

This is super rude to manage with customers now… been receiving tons of emails from them :confused:

The blocks are back ! hoorray .


May be an idea for anyone having blocks for them to post their settings and we can see if any patterns

Facing the same issue guys…

I thought it was because of my proxies. My settings. My my my my…

I almost lost my mind for a minute…and then I realized Im not gonna be crazy for nothing :sweat_smile:


Same issues here, most of the accounts blocked on API actions, even those which were doing 30 follows/day with crazy intervals. Hope @DanielAdmin take a look a bit deeper into this issue :pray:
It’s not the proxy issues, accounts on 4g mobile proxies are API blocked as well as the account that running on home IP.

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50% of my account on block again, even though they are doing less than 50 actions a day :roll_eyes:

Don’t know if this helps but these are my profile settings for my accounts and have zero blocked currently. Is anyone using these same settings here and are blocked?

I’m also using @HenryCooper’s mobile proxies for all my accounts.


Yup and it’s pretty aggravating to say the least.

Are your accounts running on API or EB? Have you checked a Log?

tbh I’m not sure. Just whatever those settings have decided to run for me. How can I check that?

Got 1 action block today too with private bot and low settings.

If user was followed using API you will see the next line: user XXX followed using followers/yyy or something like that, depends on source you use
If was followed using EB, you get something like: user XXX followed using Embedded browser
I have almost all accounts following in EB now, but I don’t like it, it’s just temporary solution again
Some accounts even getting temporary blocks on EB

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I got the block also - went into the EB, followed manually and then the tool started working again :+1:

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It seems to mainly be API then and, as settings suggest, switching to EB when needed.

Here are my follow settings as well if this helps at all


Main issues with API:

  • GPS is OFF/masked
  • Camera access denied (no camera)
  • Android sensors (while moving the sensors also change)
    So… is Private API fake all that ?
    I know IG open the camera something to check for real human, when there isn’t - > 90% bot.

I’m sorry,I don’t understand,how to [followed manually]?