Maximum Instagram Account Linked to 1 Facebook Account

I currently only have 2 Instagram accounts which are connected to my personal Facebook account. I post on them using Instagram Creator Studios and haven’t had any issues. I’ve been thinking of starting a network and couldn’t find anywhere the maximum number of accounts you can link to 1 Facebook account or how many you can add to Creator Studios (I’m guessing it’s the same number?)

Also, if I wanted to run lets say 15 account, would that be safe to run them from 1 PC on my home IP with no proxies and all logged into the same phone with cloned Instagram? And last question, should I create a new Facebook account and link my accounts to that or it doesn’t matter which Facebook account it’s linked to.

I’m almost at 100 Instagram accounts on one Facebook creator account.

Do you have them connected to your personal Facebook account or did you make a new one for Instagram?

Personal. Work at an agency. I have my people use their personal accounts to manage clients for Facebook creator.

Thanks for the help! Do you think it’s safe to manage about 15 accounts all created and ran from my home PC?

Nope I think this will raise flag and can ban your IP if you push the limits to all of the accounts.

I’m not going to automate them at all and only use f/uf for one account at a time.

Depends on how many actions per day per account. But 15 accounts from 1 PC isn’t recommended as they will use the same IP.

I saw Christien Bouc’s video where he interviewed someone with a network of 4.1M followers, with 80 accounts all on 3 phones and if I understood correctly without proxies.

Op is referring to running them on Facebook’s Creator Studio. Creator studio is made for posting to multiple Instagram and/or Facebook accounts. It is safe to use.

It’s your lucky day cause that someone is valuable member of our community- @Alexnvo
And he recently opened thread about that interview:

it is 40 accounts, NOT 80