Maximum number of acc we can operate from home WiFi/IP

Guys what is the maximum number of accs we can operate from one ip our home WiFi ip. Let’s say I have one laptop and 2 mobiles so on each mobile we can operate 5 accs so can I operate 10 accs from 2 phones? Or will Instagram ban these accs. And what is the number of acc I can use from laptop? Through browser?
And overall how many accs can stay safe from one home ip

I assume 2 accounts per each IP address. I personally wouldn’t go over that number of accounts.

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So I can’t even manage 5 accounts on my phone instagram app which is allowed by the Instagram?

IG allows it but keep in mind you always have to switch the account before you can use the other one. So technically IG doesnt allow to use them simultanously however you could when on wifi since you could have x friends over at your house on the same wifi. For mobile IP it’s more device related.

Take my advice with a grain of salt since i’m no expert on proxies. Just trying to use common sense


I feel like the limits for the accounts operated by one phone are much tighter.
Let’s say you can without trouble follow/unfollow 200 people a day on one account but if you do multiple accounts from the same phone & ip address you will face action blocks.
I had the same issue when I tried to grow 3 accounts at once, it’s not recommended

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So I should prob use automation :rofl::rofl:

Solution: If you are managing multiple accounts on you cell phone, switch to airplane mode for 10 seconds and then switch to the new IG account. By switching to airplane mode, you receive a new IP address.

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So I shouldn’t be using WiFi?

If you are trying to manage more than one account, I would not use WiFi.


So basically I can use 4g network and use the method you mentioned and I can easily manage many accounts?

If I managed to do 7 accounts on automation with home wifi, you can do it to.

Smartphones can easily take 7-9 accounts with clone apps. Just make sure you airplane mode on/off on half way. I find 10th account starting to mess things up.

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I have not had any problems managing the accounts if I switch to airplane mode between each one.
Just make sure you stay on airplane mode for about 10 seconds to acquire the new IP.
What clone app are you using?

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On automation?? What do you mean by this mate?
So you manage 7 accounts manually from your phone? So even if I use home WiFi and do airplane mode on/off will it help me cause we will be using home WiFi ip isn’t it? Or am I wrong?

So doing this method and using home wifi or using data?

You need to use data

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Huawei & Xiaomi built in dual apps supports duplicating Instagram.

If you do not have 4G plan/data then Use wifi but in spaces, do first 4 profiles then after an hour or two - 3 profiles more.
If you have 4G plan then just airplane mode on/off on half.

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Interesting… I have been buying apps to clone IG, but I did not know some phones came with built in apps that would clone IG


So I can manage upto 5 accounts right cause that’s the Max no of acc we can manage from Ig app?

Yes, if use data and switch aiplane on/off each time you switch accounts. You should be fine. This works for me.

Here you go. In our agency we use Xiaomi Redmi 7A, Redmi 8 and now will switch to 9. True bang to buck kings, no lag, stutter on insta.