Method + daily gains?

Hi all, would you mind sharing with us how many new followers are u getting daily? And what method are you using? I am completly new in botting and I am getting ±20 new followers daily with f/uf method and would like to hear your gains :slight_smile:

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currently letting my accounts rest but was getting about 30-50 daily in combination with getting organic follows via hashtags/explore now without f/uf sitting at around +20 followers daily just from post reach etc…

Whats your follow back ratio and actions daily?

Gaining negative 25 a day since the beginning of June and the downfall of Instagram… but at this point all I can do is view stories on most accounts, so :man_shrugging:


Damn :confused: lol, what happened just action blocked?

I do 100follows, 20 comments and 80 likes per day… You can count my follow back ratio :DD I know it could be a way better, but I am brand new account and I am happy for every single one new follower…

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Thats actually pretty good from follows getting a 20% is nice, if your “new, new” make sure to stay under 6,000 follows/30 days :slight_smile: so you are safe at around 200 follows a day most people suggets

Also what proxies/ automation tool are you using?

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Master/slave no f/u --34 accounts 3k to 5k a day


Was getting over 100 per day from F/U before 4th June - followed about 500 per day.

Negative 5-10 per day since then - have been resting the account until I’m sure of a safe strategy to implement, and will update then!


I use my own IP adress, because I am only botting on one account… Using Jarvee

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How much does it cost you to run 34 accounts? :smiley: If you don´t mind telling me

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God damn! Only off 34 acc’s?

What niche are you in?

Could those numbers be gotten on a personal/fitness account mainly more towards lifestyle type stuff

Are you doing dms to no followers to bring them over to the main account?

Proxies/software/time and accs unless created himself probably not that expensive depending on proxy

Exactly what im doing

Impressive numbers. And achieved by 34 accounts only!

It’s normal for a beginner. I am sure that you would hit higher numbers once you start tweaking your settings and raising your actions daily, but for now your doing ok. Sources do play a major rule too in form of followback ratio.


Would you mind explaining which niche you are in? This seems fairly unrealistic

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Yeah 20% seems to be a good benchmark that a lot of people generally shoot for of course everyone wants more but its the same thing with the 10% engagement bench mark

  • 145-195 follows daily
  • 215-365 likes daily
  • 17-39 comments daily
  • Pets/animal niche

I’m gaining between 80-120 followers per day, depending on the day. That’s about the level I was at before the June 4 blocks, when I was running 300-500 follows per day. Still quite a bit of work to do on honing follow sources (currently gathering data).

Once I had enough data, I found it useful to export data on all follow-backs, then find the middle 80% range for those accounts’ metrics (followers, followings, post count, and follow ratio). I then tweaked my filter settings to match those parameters. That netted me about a 20% boost in daily follows.

I have experienced better follower conversion when following private accounts. There are risks involved (more chance of flagging as spam). It may also give the appearance of a more legitimate follower base. I’m rated 95% real followers by (sample size of 1, I know).

No it’s really realistic - at least for him- as he probably got 200 or 300k+ account. The growth is scaling with the numbers, an organic growth for 100k+ accounts would probably be +500 daily, but with 34 nice childs I guess @alexnvo can reach this crazy momentum.

The more powerfull are your slaves, the more it grows too !

Good job !

i am in quotes/motivation. Actually I am growing slow this time and I know others doing far higher. Alot of people can vouch I speak true numbers btw. I wanted to stress there are other ways to grow besides f/u.
Just to let you know most of my accounts f/u until the got bgg enough to grow on their own. Every account I start now has a shoutout from my network until 2k and then from there it grows on its own often with 120 percent er.