[METHOD] Follow, Unfollow and Like as Your Google Page instead of Your Personal Profile

In the last few weeks a lot of you guys contacted us asking how they can use their Google Page instead of their Personal Profile either to join and post to groups or do Follow, Unfollow and Like actions since the creating of a password for your Google + Page and adding it into Mass Planner trick we explained in our “Using Your Google Page instead of Your Personal Profile” article doesn’t work anymore as Google+ took that option away.

Well, here we are fulfilling our promise :slight_smile:

We added an option in your account settings in Social Profiles section where you can choose the page you want to do actions with:


Just check the “Execute actions as a Google Plus Page (Branded Accounts)” box and select your branded page from the dropdown list, if you don’t find your page there go back to the main Social Profiles section and click on SYNC next to your Google+ account and check again.

That’s pretty much it, now every action you do using that account will be done as your Google Page instead of your Personal Profile.

This should help you growing your Google Pages more.


Not a lot to it, but nicely presented @Said , gj :wink:

and if we have several G+ pages?

i’m using the f*********0@pages.plusgoogle.com (direct link access to page), but the unfollow stop working. will this method work better?

Yes, this should work.

If you have several G+ pages, try to add the same account multiple times in Mass Planner and choose a different page in every profile, not sure if this is safe though but you can give it a try.

Thanks Sais,
But if I add the the same account several times MP can try to do tasks on the various profiles at the same time, or will the MP know that it is the same account and will avoid this?