[METHOD] Get YOUR best Follow Back Ratio by creating your OWN filters parameters

@oneoneseven @runninx77
Put the less valuable accounts with some tag like “scrapeUse” and put this tag here:
Settings > Social Platforms > Instagram :point_down:t3:


Can you scrape with preset filters? Like between x and x amount of followers, with profile photo, … Just to ease the api calls and have a better targetted result.

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do not think so

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Should it be pre showing the tag when you enter? Cause as far as i can tell you just put the tag in there with those accounts tagged?

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I am not understanding what you said…

I just put one tag in the profiles that I want to use to scrape, and after that I check that checkbox mentioned before and put in the textfield that will show this tag.

Been reading through this thread thanks for all the advice guys!!! :innocent:

Good idea. But there is small issue. The follower count or following count filters are not good approach. Lets say an account receive 200 follow backs and the average follower of those 200 accounts is 400. So if I set the target filter to follow accounts having 500 or less followers, I will definitely get follow back, but those account wont be high value targets, even though my account is growing.

The topic says:
“[METHOD] Get YOUR best Follow Back Ratio by creating your…”

I mention nothing about engagement, it would be another completely different approach.

So there is no issue in what I proposed.

Approach is great, but need to apply carefully using the head. Not recommend for monkeys.

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Great share brother


How can I make this second coloumn? with which formula?

Interested to have the formula