[METHOD] Get YOUR best Follow Back Ratio by creating your OWN filters parameters


Get the general behaviors of the people that follow back your account(s) and if some of these behaviors are different from the people that not follow back, use them to create your own personalized filters that will give you a higher follow back ratio.


1 - Any IG profile > Tools > Follow > Results > More Actions > Update Followed Back
2 - Any IG profile > Tools > Follow > Results > More Actions > Export for All Accounts

3 - Open the generated CSV file in the spreadsheet software that you know how to use (excel, numbers …).
Obs: If you have no spreadsheet software installed on your compouter/VPS and do not want to install, go to Google Sheets
4 - Order the table according to the Followed Back column, so you will have the users that follow back (yes value) and the users that do not follow back (no value).
5 - Copy all the target column of the users that not follow back [Fig below].

6 - Paste them into Social Profiles > Any Profile > Scrape Tools > Extract Additional User Info and check the checkbox Also extract user engagement, average likes, average comments and most recent post date and after that click on Extract Users

7 - Repeat the step 5 and 6 but now get the users that follow back (Yes value in the Followed Back column)
8 - Now you will have two different tables:
• Table – FB Infos (Infos of users that follow back)
• Table – NFB Infos (Infos of users that not follow back)
Example of all the infos Jarvee will provide:

9 - Now you can play with that and see the general behaviors of each type of users and set your own filters based on your own previous follows results.

Which filters parameters I will be able to create with this method?
• User Info: Username_Chars (create) > Filter: Do not follow users with more than x digits in their username
• User Info: Follower_Count > Filter: User has a number of followers/followings in a specific range
• User Info: Following_Count > Filter: User has a number of followers/followings in a specific range
• User Info: Follower_Count /Following_Count (create) > Filter: User has a follow ratio greater/smaller than x/y
• User Info: MostRecentPostDate > Filter: User posted in the last x days
• User Info: External_URL > Filter: Skip/Follow only accounts with URL
• User Info: Email > Filter: Skip/Follow only accounts with public email
• User Info: Contact_Phone_Number > Filter: Skip/Follow only accounts with a phone number
• User Info: Biography_Chars (create) > Filter: User bio has a minimum number of characters.
• User Info: Media_Count > Filter: User has a minimum number of posts.
and many others….


• User Info: Follower_Count /Following_Count (create) > Filter: User has a follow ratio greater/smaller than x/y

I created a column in the Table – FB Infos and I put in it a simple formula (Follower_Count /Following_Count), so I can now generate another table and graph to analyze the values (Fig below)

So from my own interpretation of it, I set my ratio between 0,2 < x < 0,8 because the profiles that follow back are mostly in this range.

Hope you guys like it. :+1:t3:

PS: English is not my main language at all, so I hope you can understand.


Nice method of re-engineering filters based on data you get.



I am glad you liked. :grin:

How do you enlarge these first photos? I can’t read it well :'D

Edit seems fixed now. Not sure if it was on my end

Fixed! Thank you! :grinning:

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Thanks for the share. Will def be trying it out

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you talk about followed back but the nr1 arrow is pointing to another item. Is that a mistake or?

Also, to what location does it export?


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You are right!! I have fixed it!!

It will auto open de csv file after exporting is done!


Isnt it just even more easy to reimport the follow backs? Since a follower of a followback will see that the followback followed that profile and this create extra follow proof. kinda like ‘oh my friend follows them, so it must be something interesting’.

But yeah it can def be used aswell for the paramaters.

How hard is it on the scraping since IG has been limiting the API usage?


Dope share, thanks. It’s very usefully for setting up templates

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I did not understand you man, sorry! If you can reformulate you answer I will try to understand and answer you properly.

I do not have the right answer, but I never had any issues even after the follow block waves.

Glad I could help you! :facepunch:t3:

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Since you can see who did follow you back and who didnt, you could consider it a good source. Even more people that follow that good source will see that they followed your account.

When i follow a see an account that i might be interested in I can see who of my friends followed it too. IG allows you to see who of your friends (followings) follow that account too. It creates some sort of social proof knowing that a follower of a good followback source sees that the follow back source follows you too.

It’s hard to explain but it makes sense haha.

I kind of understood your point. But here I am not talking about sources, I am talking just about filters.

To select the right sources I have another method…

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Oh i see i see. In that case nevermind!

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This right here is a golden nugget bro, thanks so much for this, gonna have to use it and see how to improve my FB ratio…:pray:


OMG, I thought that it would not be good like you expressed yourself it was. I am really glad to hear that. Hope it help you improve your service!

Thanks Bro <3 :slight_smile:

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Very nice guide, thank you :heart:

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Nice to see that! Thank you for your input! :facepunch:t2:

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