[METHOD] Get YOUR best Follow Back Ratio by creating your OWN filters parameters


For 3 accs and even up to 10 I believe it’s fine as long as you have sufficient sources, when you start scaling up is there where problem starts!!



2599 MHz / 1.5GB

as I said, really weak but it is taking care of 70 accounts, so it is fine for me…

one time I put many heavy filters to process (ex: many blackwords lists, follow only female, etc) in many accounts and I could not follow the quantity I liked.
so I asked Jarvee suport if it could be due to my weak VPS and they said no, just to lower the filters. until today I think they were wrong, but what can I say…


I’m really surprised , running 70 accs here is a miracle bro :smile:


I run 10 accounts on a free Amazon VPS with 1 core and 1gb of RAM, is barely using CPU, between 5 to 10% cpu usage.


Wow… thanks


See it just now @AnnaIfbb . This method is to find good filters not sources… :smiley:


oh now I see


For some reason it takes beyond 30 minutes to scrape my results and I’m on 50 clients. I got impatient so I gave up on finding the results :disappointed_relieved:


It is normal…

Tip: Let it scraping during your sleep time… :+1:


Does anyone know how to use the option of followback in last x (4000) days? I’m kind of confused with those settings and options. Jarvee’s support is slower than usual (probably cause of all the shit that’s been happening lately).

So my goal is to readd the lets say 200 last people I followed and successfully followed back. Do i need to do that in excell after an export or can jarvee figure it out itself in some way to retarget followbacks? Anyhow, how is it done?

As mentioned before i used to use imristo until i got blocked out for no reason and their support is non existent. If anyone knows a cool simple scraper to use, feel free to let me know.


The only way I know of is doing what you said, export all the results for the last x days and after that filter the table and get the ones that followed you back.


Great share. Saved it. I will definately give this a go. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Data and spreadsheets… This post turns me on, good job!


Glad to help you man


share your results here man :facepunch:t3:


Definately buddy. I will once I have tested it. Sounds very promising and very well described. :muscle:


How about scraping through Jarvee with a dedicated scraper account?


@runninx77 If anyone feels like explaining it i’d love that. Not familiar that much with scraping


I have read some users are doing it in the mega thread and would also love an explanation. I am extracting users with a designated account and doing something similar tto the spreadsheet method explained above but I’m not sure if it’s the best method.


I mean it doesnt seem like rocket science though but i would love to already scrape with filters before putting them as follow sources which i cant seem to find (yet).