[Method] How to find customers from local area for your business

Most of you struggle when it comes to finding customers to approach for managing their accounts, but not anymore!

In the past few days i’ve been thinking around how to find the best customers to approach for management and at some point I noticed something while scrolling on Instagram.

Every 6 or 7 posts on the newsfeed, one of them is sponsored. Most of the sponsored posts are local and from small brands. Out of 30 accounts, 25 of them were below 5k in followers numbers.

So, get these accounts to Scrape tool in Jarvee and extract all the info about them: engagement, avg likes, comments and finally Emails.

From there, the approach you should use will need to be exactly where they are hurt the most:

“Hey, i’ve seen you’re paying for an instagram ad and i assume you want to reach more people. I have a better offer for you, let’s chat!”

You got the point.

First test done last night with 53 businesses - 2 reached back in the morning and another 2 reached back 5 minutes ago. Decent numbers for a first try.

Good luck with the sales!


Hello, very good idea,

How do you get the advertising profiles with jarvee?

Thank you!


Sounds like a good idea, I may try that myself!

Can you please let me know later on if they were genuinely interested or just fishing for a free advice?

I use my phone to scroll down my timeline and look for the businesses. It takes around half an hour to find at least 50 business pages that promote their stuff. Sounds terrible, but I manually type the usernames into Jarvee and let it work from there.

Will try to keep you updated with my conversion rate. For last night I tried two different approaches. One for 25 businesses and the other one for the rest of them.


Just checked my feed. Many accounts that ran ads don’t even have Instagram account lol :smiley:


Could really depend on the area you’re in.

Just scrolled down a little bit through my news feed now.


Ohh, nice! Thanks for showing off the screenshots!:slight_smile:
By the way, in my feed it is a different story: I have more big accounts (>10k) that have sponsored posts, only few that have less than 2k followers. And all accounts are local to my area (or country I live in)

You’d be surprised, but one of the accounts that answered me back has around 7k followers. I went for that one as well. Gotta shoot my shot :smirk:


Good luck getting a new client (hopefully) :slight_smile:

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You’re on fire mate! Great job!

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Hey great share!!
How do you pitch the potential client? I struggle to many times when it comes to the price… they are not willing to pay 90-150 bucks a month🤔

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I think you should focus on quality rather than quantity. There’s plenty of fish in the sea.

I am thinking of a way how to scrape those sponsored posts…


Well, since I discovered that once in 6-7 posts one is Sponsored, I started to think of the same.
Until then, I’ll manually scrape the s*it out of the sponsored posts :man_shrugging:t2:

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Sadly, there are no sponsored posts in explore feed. Then, I can just simply scrape them with my tool :smiley:

Where do you put the username on jarvee to get the account info?

Try this: Social Profiles-> Scrape tools


Does anybody know what’s that?
I clicked on sponsored ad post and saw the HTML code. Still false value…

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No idea but following

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Thanks for the awesome idea for reaching out to potential clients!

I guess if you could arrange a video call, the close rate will be much higher!