[Method] Make Money from Facebook

I have had plenty of success these last few months after I decided to develop my revenue streams. Basically I run a company that manages other people’s social media accounts. After doing this for some time I have learnt plenty of growth and monetization techniques and decided to apply this for my own personal gain.

It is far more rewarding developing and delivering something for yourself rather than for others. The only thing is it took a little bit longer to get the first paychecks in through the door! And although I prefer Instagram techniques, this is one of the strategies I have been using recently.

You are going to need a:

First of all you will need to find yourself some good, engaging content. This is really the lynch-pin to all of these strategies but by using websites such as Buzzfeed, Diply, 9Gag, Reddit and so on you can soon build up a plethora of opportunities.

Fill out your blog with some ‘anchor articles’. These are 1000-2000 word articles that aren’t spun in anyway. These make your site look legitimate in the eyes of the supplier (more on that in a minute) as well as Google (if you haven’t already got an activated Adsense account). You’ll need maybe 4-5 anchor articles and another 10 500 words articles (can be of poorer quality). Stagger their release on your blog over a month or 2 (or just change the posted date to reflect this).

Now you’ll want to create a gallery post. These are posts where the user has to click a button to go to the next post. You may know them as “10 things you didn’t know about Macaulay Culkin” or “5 things only 90’s kids will remember”. The garbage click-bait titles you all know and love! :heart_eyes: That’s why Diply is a popular site - it has great posts you can learn from.

Place your Adsense advert before the gallery posts, post another advert between the description and gallery image and finally post one right at the end of the content. This means you are placing your ads prominently so that you know your viewers are exposed to them (EDIT: I am not advocating misleading or having your users misclick the adverts in anyway shape or form. That will lead to your Adwords account being banned due to a breach of TOS). That being said, I’ve had the best success with this type of placement.

Now to get your traffic. Don’t worry; you’re not going to SEO your blog to rank highly on SERP. No, you’re going to use Facebook and a ‘supplier’. I’ve tried this with actors, actresses, fitness idols, vloggers but the best success I have had is with social influencers and models.

Reach out to the Facebook pages with 1M, 2M, 3M+ followers and ask them how much it’d cost for them to cross-post your link at their peak-times in the week (they’ll know the data). I’ve had this as cheap as $100 before but one person quoted me $1000 for one post that’d be up for 4 hours… Use your common sense and see what works well for you and your budget. You’ll then get given an address to pay via Paypal and probably an invoice (considering these pages are usually run by businesses like mine!).

So what will happen now is that your link will be posted (go and check that it was) at the time specified. Their followers (1M+) will now see your image and click on it (due to the clickbait) and then they’ll scroll through the gallery posts (that’s 10x the exposure to adverts) and maybe click on it. The Yoast SEO plugin allows you to change what thumbnail is shown on Facebook when it’s shared. Use the one that is going to get the most engagement (famous actresses, semi-naked women (due to FB policies), amazing photos, luxury, money and so on - depending on the gallery).

Voila! You’ve built a (maybe free) blog - built content - developed traffic - converted through advertising - got paid.

Ok, so to get you guys started you can use Pinterest to find ‘Celebrities - then and now’. This’ll help you build your first gallery and is super easy to do.

All the best MPSocial! I’ll have more of these tid-bits coming soon so you can learn how to make money on Instagram and other platforms.

EDIT: Please read the comments below - some users think the idea has merit and others think this is a one way ticket to getting your Adsense account blocked! If you’re going to replicate this method then please ask in here first before you attempt it! Weigh in on the debate - that’s what this forum is all about after all! :slight_smile:


Nice method if you’re just starting out and want to see it’s working, thanks for sharing :wink:

@Johnny for sure! I just assumed a lot of people on these forums aren’t as experienced which is why this method is definitely a good one to get started plus it is not capital intensive by any means. :smiley:

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Thank you. Nice Method. Could you please help me? One thing i am unable to do is inserting ad code between description and gallery image. when i try to insert the ad code, plugin deletes the script.

Amazing guide @Instagrand. i was doing the same thing a while ago. The challenge is to find pages that fits your budget and have a lot of clickthroughs. :smiley: However, if you find that one page, you are good to go.

Users should also try to post their own pages on other pages using your method so that they can build their page and don’t have to rely on other pages in the future.

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this will get your account banned immediately…

if your adsense is less than 3years old that is… the only reason those big guys get away with it is because they have their own adsense account manager… and they are constantly checking on mis-clicks if they are below 5% they usually allow it…

the method of paying big pages to get exposure is not a very good idea either…

one day you get 10,000 visitors and the next day 0 visitors…

say good bye to your adsense account…

Also, there are SO MANY FACTORS on posting a link to site on a big page…

are the fans related to the link/site?

Facebook is way smarter now… facebook will not let your posted link on a BIG PAGE seen by fans if they are not actually interested…

There is a reason why buzzfeed and other BIG PAGES created a secondary page like: buzzfeed news… buzzfeed cooking (TASTY) and etc…

I am not trying to discredit your thread… but I want to warn others who’s going to jump in… and spend money and end up losing a lot…

your thread is proven to make people money i am sure… but the person who is going to do this type of scheme has to pay VERY CLOSE ATTENTION to details…


antoher tricks is create fansbase artist news on wordpress, and boost it with fb ads, targeted to followers the real artist (under 17th years).


Misleading users to click on ads is definitely against adsense ToS.

So, if any of you are planning to try this method, you should know there’s a possibility of getting your adsense account banned especially if you scale it up and they decide to do manual review of your account (been there :slight_smile: )

I think I need to clarify my terminology before we completely disregard this method.

I meant to say that you are just making the ads more ‘apparent’ in their placement rather than to deliberately mislead people into clicking on them.

For example, the ads are all going to look like this when they’re on your site (or similar):

Not this:

I am not about short-term results / black-hat methods. On the contrary, I only use methods which are sustainable for long-term growth! Hope this clears up any confusion. :smiley:

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LOL this will, get your adsense account banned before the first payday, as the traffic sucks for the people that buy the clicks, this is the worst traffic you can get cus people are not interested in buying anything, so the buyers of this traffic get no conversions and then Google is going to check your shit and ban you.

This is the very best way to get you account banned in a jiffy… I am betting OP never done this in his life, or he leaves out the banning part, to be honest this thread should be deleted before people get hurt.

Thanks for the input Dave.

Not really sure what you are on about though because you’re providing a blog service to the users and using adverts to monetise the blog. You’re providing the viewer an engaging read, one that is no different to Diply or Buzzfeed gallery articles. Heck, even Forbes put their articles in 2 pages these days to increase ad. exposure.

This has worked in the past and will continue to do so I am sure. Thanks.


You don’t get what i am saying, the traffic you generate for Google is worthless for people buying it, (the people that pay your adsense clicks) the people that click the ads are not in a buying mood as they come from social media, if you sent that cold to Google Adsense and they sent it to whomever buys that traffic, the people buying that traffic will get a louzy ROI and will complain to Google that the traffic they sent doesn’t convert, Google will track back where the traffic is coming from and ban your ass, it is as simple as that.

Why do you think Adsense has been cracking down on all these viral websites with the same shitty content and memes, exactly for that reason, because adsense traffic doesn’t convert for the people that are buying it, this method is a sure thing to get your adsense banned.


This method turned out into an interesting debate, let’s see what other people have to add as well :slight_smile:

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Gotta love a debate! :smiley:

I see what Dave is saying but I don’t agree with the premise of the argument.

Would love to have others comment and debate the method posted though!

Updated the main post also to make sure user’s are aware of the pros & cons. Gotta keep everyone informed!

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Hello everyone.

What the OP shared here is nothing new and many if not all viral niche blogs are using this method to gain advertisement clicks. from my experience if you separate the main content of the blog post with the advertisement with [ -ADVERTISEMENT-] it will be compliant with adsense TOSs.

For ex: Visit any blog where MGID, COntent.ad, Taboola advertisements are there. if you see a list post as an ad click it and go to the page. Then check the ad placements in the page. This method is not new and many people are doing it to make income from adsense. fropky.com, http://brainberries.co/people/9-most-mysterious-musicians-of-all-time/

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I’m curious how brainberries is driving traffic to their site.
They FB page has no engagement at all, and they’re not even sharing their FB posts to a million FB groups…

They use native advertising to drive traffic.

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@DaveNL Adsense try to protect their advertisers, I agree but not to the point you describe it. As long as you don’t use any tricks to get a high CPC or CTR by tricking users to click the link your Adsense account should be fine. I literally sent more than 4 million page views to 9 fake articles and I wasn’t banned at all :wink:


I am not taking that change with my account(s), i have seen Adsense ban people for less there is no way that Google will let you sent traffic that doesn’t convert for their customers, at least be safe and use a account that you can afford to lose.

Did you get your video done through fiverr? looks pretty cool!