[Method] My secret Instagram growth Strategy in 2020

First, thanks for MPsocial community, i learn many of ideas and methods here.
before i share my method, please understand english isn’t my first language. i try my best to type below content let everyone understand what is my ideas.

I have read all threads about instagram growth here
everyone are headache about instagram automation growth because the instagram update since June 2019. most of people don’t think how to hire a people and how to manage many account safe and fast
in many people thought, manual = slow & less

i decide to share my growth Strategy here, because i want let everyone know don’t just focus on automation tools to growing your accounts.

we need change the mind to think about how to use manual growth method to fast growing look like automation tools. or how to use manual method and manage 50 accounts at same time, it will nearly fast like auto tool but it is very safe for your accounts
PS: i am also looking for some JV partner, i am still look like a student on instagram marketing, if someone who have good experience in instagram, PM me to discuz more .

ok, let me explanation
mother account management method:

  1. manual to do everything

  2. Main growth method: Follow/Unfollow + M/S

  3. Use 4G proxy , i setup a 4G proxy network

  4. one people manage 50 accounts within 50 devices (phone) same time, each account in a device
    look the pics = manage 50 devices same time at a PC

  5. use hootsuite or postplanner to manage all of accounts post

  6. people‘s salary cost 600 USD a month. each Sim card (4G PROXY) cost 15 usd per month (8GB package), each worker lanuch 50 accounts at a time everyday

Final words: don’t only focus on auto tool method. because instagram will be more and more strict than before. so we need focus on how to do manual fast and safe

Child account management method:

  1. manual to do everything too
  2. Main growth method: Follow/Unfollow
  3. Use 4G proxy too
  4. Use LinkenSphere browser (mobie user agent) + 4G proxys. one people manage 100 accounts at same time
  5. use hootsuite or postplanner to manage all of accounts post
  6. people‘s salary cost 600 USD a month. LinkenSphere browser 100 usd per month ,each Sim card (4G PROXY) cost 15 usd per month (8GB package), each worker lanuch 100 accounts at a time everyday

Final words: Use 4G proxy + LinkenSphere browser (mobie user agent) also the safe way to manage many of accounts.
Hire one worker doing on that by manual, i know maybe auto tool is cheaper than it. but you need burned many of accounts if you use auto tool.


So for this method you want to hire an “Agent” that basically manages the 50 or 100 accounts, right?
How do you create content for all the “slave accounts”?
Cheers for your post and method!

same question here, and did you get any great results with this method ?

Hire a worker, not agent.
Or you can do that by yourself too.
I do all of that when I just start and tested. It is ok. But need hard work every day.

Now I hire someone work with me. So it is ok. I just paid the salary per month.

Creat content , show the niche product or repost some popular pics related to our niche

I use jarvee research the followers first. Only real and active people, I add to a list. Then I use mass control method to add exactly followers.
The result same as who doing manual following and unfollow method. More better than bots.

Because I think keep accounts live as long as we can. It will look like snowball effect

Child account live longer time , it is helpful for me.

So I don’t mean bot method isn’t good.
But burning accounts again and again. And account live more and more shorter. Just show my strategy to everyone,
I hope someone can share more ideas or help me make stronger in this way.

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Here we go again with 4g proxies. You don’t need them!
Check my stats. It’s proven.

Do you run a mother/slave service or anyone

Are you aware of radiation that you are being exposed to in your daily routines?

  1. Why not 3 accounts per device? It works.
  2. Why not fb creator studio?

Do you use official app or a mask?
Are you focused on growing accounts or calls to action/ sales?

Nice setup, good luck

The method would definitely work this way but will never be cost effective as it used to be. You can actually get much cheaper employees to manage this in asian countries. And yeah 4G isn’t necessary

I don’t run any service. I run my Instagram accounts just for selling product online

1.Don’t worry about radiation, we control them use a hub then can keeping distance
2. Yes, I know 3 accounts in a device is safe. I will do soon. In my first phase, I just want every main account 100% safe. So I use one account per device
3. What you mean Facebook creator studio? Accounts creator? No I don’t do that. I use Instagram,Facebook,Twitter marketing for our e-commerce business selling clothes ,shoes,accessories online.

1.in my mind, Instagram update algorithm make automatic tool hard to working. But for me, Instagram more chance then before. Because bots almost not working well.

  1. I can find cheaper employees. But it isn’t necessary. I tested many country’s VA ,Cheaper maybe mean slow work or less work.
    You can see my setup, I need worker hard work, and faster,smart work.
    Maybe I can use 300 usd per month employee, but really slow and less work. In my opinion, time is money. Doing something right better than doing something cheaper. It is worth let me pay 600 usd per employee I think.

  2. 4G isn’t necessary , do you have any recommend? I will setup that in my second phase

so what do you need ?

I only suggested ways to make it cheaper. End of the day its totally your call what suits you. Whether an employee takes $100 or $10,000 a month, its all about cost effectiveness as you said. For proxies, 4G is expensive so you can always start trying cheaper options. With 4G it will make your costs high enough to survive with the said method.

thanks for sharing your strategy. just curious did you set a target for your worker each day: for example: they have to follow 200 users and unfollow 100 users on each account they manage? and how do you evaluate the results? which analytics tool are you using?

I share my setup and methods. Just for get more advice and tips from experience people

I am still need learning from everyone

Hope everyone can give me advice to optimize it.

PS: I don’t do any service. I launched Instagram just for help our e-commerce business (we sell fashion products online)

I am also looking for partner, help us growing e-commerce or I am open mind to discuss other projects opportunities

Yes, I try looking for cheap way
I will use LinkenSphere browser + social media proxies to manage many account at same time for mother account and child account.
One employee manage 100 accounts per day

Do you have any advice, l d like to listen and learning

Let me explain to you. What is our employee work flow?

  1. One people only doing Following and Unfollowing
    He need manual to do that in 50-100 accounts.
    200 following per day /account.

  2. One of people manage all accounts ,doing post schedule and reply comment and messages
    Use hoot suite or postplaner.
    This guy doing post and customer service (we are e-commerce business online)

  3. One of guy (it is me) doing research following target. I use tool to scrape those , research which one is real people then sent to my workmates who doing follow and unfollow

So everyone doing simple and separate task. It is easy count their result.

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  1. 1 Profile per phone is killing your ROI/Time.
    You can do 5 easily on one phone.

  2. Why you use proxies? Just use 4G plan and thats it. You dont need same location as client.

  3. Even if you do like to do manually everything like us, M/S set up manually is big NO-GO.

  4. With that kind of cost you would be way better off with Instagram ads and gained even more on your main.

  5. If safety of accounts are your concern, as Pierre mentioned - health should be too. This amount of devices/connections even if you are there for 2-3h daily will mess you up in 3-5 years time. Everything catches up eventually.

As our own company - We have 5 profiles per new smartphone device with 6$ monthly plan and 1 person behind 50 profiles. Their work times are low. Up to 4-6h daily. Which is not bad at all.


Thanks for your experience and advice

  1. Yes, I will try run 3-5 accounts per device.
    Why I run one account per device , because first phase, I am put too much worry about in account block. Now i will start next phase, run 3-5 accounts soon.

  2. I am agree use 4G proxies. Each 4G plan cost 12-15 usd per month. I think i can acceptable.
    Because I see many of 4G proxy service cost 50-100 usd per channel. So that why I share in my method. I think setup own 4G proxy network it is more cheaper

  3. I will keep run M/S method a while. For now, I think the cost , the time, and result, I can acceptable. I have good ROI in it.(I am selling online direct). So I will try keep run a while. And then I will try hire some college student , they more cheap cost
    I will use them to do child account management

  4. I will try Instagram ads next week.
    My goals : I need 20 accounts for mother’s account. Some products maybe can’t let us ads on it. I will try. Then share here

  5. I will optimize that. Try use LinkenSphere browser + 4G proxies to manage account. This way is more health
    Or I have a solution for separat all phones Devices and control in different room
    i still optimized to let manual work fast, I will share my improve method soon

May I have a question with you: how your worker manage those accounts ?