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Today I’m gonna teach you how I make $50 a day using Instagram. Been doing this for like three months so I am still building up earnings with this method and trying to make more out of it. It’s pretty noob friendly and this method has been out in pieces here and there. Finally wrote it up step by step what to do exactly. With some twists it can be very new and applicable to yourself.

So here’s how you can do it to

1. Create an Instagram in a niche that’s popular but not VERY popular (for example simple ‘music’ is too popular for this). Think of a niche. Other accounts should have 500k-2mil followers in this niche.

2. Post pics every day to grow your insta accounts and do the normal marketing stuff (follow followers, like etc). You can also buy shoutouts to grow it’s very effective. Post pics that get a lot of engagement, doesn’t matter if it seems a sellout kinda post, do it.

3. So now that you have got good amount of followers and 200 or more likes per photo you will post a giveaway type photo. Make it about something popular (like beats by dre was years ago). Something expensive and you want to make the picture seem authentic.

4. Now you’re gonna make a landing page and use CPA lockers. So what this means is that people who want to enter this giveaway have to unlock the locker to enter and they will need to complete a survey. You can get paid from $1 upwards and for some countries you’ll get 20$ or maybe 30$+ per lead. When they complete survey then they will be able to fill in the form for the giveaway (you got to make this form also and put it behind the locker).

Sign up to a network. I’m not affiliated with any so I am not gonna put suggestions here since I don’t want people to think this, there’s enough providers so find some reviews.

5. Find the locker section and create a nice locker. Also try and make this look legit. When you made it copy the locker code and put it on your site landing page.

Some extra tips: you can create a landing page in freeweb sites but you’ll get a stupid .site.com name and will look unprofessional. Make the website responsive because Instagram people are mobile people. REMEMBER this.

Now you can get money for free. It takes a little work but then you get the jackpot.

Hope this helped some of you if you have questions feel free to ask in the thread.


having 200 followers doesn’t lead to $50 per day from a giveaway


Nowhere I said 200 followers :slight_smile:

Unfortunately these type of method were working 3-4 years ago, probably no one will fall for that nowadays


Yeah you might lose most of your active followers using this method tho

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That’s why you think of and use a twist

There’s always new people coming in, add your own twist :). One way could be to legit make the giveaway.

so basically the giveway is fake? you are just fishing people?


No, I know some people will do that. I run my giveaways for real. I run giveaways once in a while to keep it legit. behind the locker I have a real form that people fill in and they enter the giveaway. Then I also have another method that makes people come back. But no, for me it’s real giveaways and I encourage you to also keep it real so your followers know it is legit what you are doing.

So, you just discovered CPA? I think you are like 7 years late. :laughing:

Also if you are making 50$ per day with it I highly doubt you are doing real giveaways. Which means you are scamming your followers. Very Ugly.



I own a few accounts with 100k+ followers. Your assumptions are insane. You should be ashamed


Yet you do 50$ x day. :smile:
Probably just another giveaway scammer on IG.



I really appreciate that you wanna help what u learnt. But you are too late on this method, and u dont get any likes from mpsocial if you post these kida posts, assuming you want to share stuff and get likes to reach lvl2…

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I’m not doing this for likes. I’m trying to share something useful. I even said that it is an older method. I only get negative comments on my thread so if it’s not appreciated sharing knowledge I won’t anymore. I was planning on sharing more but I doubt.
Nothing positive here

Problem is this method is very old method and almost everyone already seen this method. So no one will appreciate sharing methods available everywhere. If you have something new u will get loads of appreciation.

u want examples? lets share how u able to do more than 200 follows per account per day, u will see floods of appreciation :smiley:

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Nice topic :wink: 13chr

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Wow, this method is incredible, did you came up with this yourself?


ReHash from circa 2016… I dont think its worth the time and effort you’ll put in nowadays.

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Your immaturity shines brightly


Yes that’s why I added some twists to it to upgrade it. This method is old but still works. I alao mentioned it is an older method but new people may not know about it so I wrote it up again