🔥 [METHOD]: Send 100's of messages per day or just couple!?


some of users do not accept PMs from non friends. you have to check which one and remove it/them from the list.


is there any automated script for do this?


Script to do what exactly?


send message throug a list, automate the process without do one by one


That would be good but it seems to be only manual method and that’s the way it’s taught. I know nothing about coding scripts so maybe it is something that is perfectly possible but noone has mentioned anything about having one on here. You could ask someone to build it, or inquire about a feature request (though there are probably many more things in higher demand). Also, there’d be the extra hurdle of having to have it check the list of accounts to remove any which don’t allow messages to go to them, and also selecting the correct profile from the dropdown (I haven’t done it in a while and I thought I recalled sometimes there were multiple results).


Good day,

I tried to message 4 users with a good user link without the numbers and got error message.

Then, I tried to message one by one and it worked,

Tried to message same users from before that worked, but just 2 this time and it didn’t work again.

Any help on this?


What exactly happened?


Hi Guys,

I have just had a go with this method as if can get it to work I feel it can be very lucrative. However I just tried with 8 users to start with and it comes up with a message saying ‘Attachment unavailable’

Am I doing something incorrect?




wow thank you


thank you mate for these amazing information, but i have a quicky question, please.
how can extract users? are u doing it mannually o by using an application


Hi @mindeswx , I followed the steps that you instructed, but can not login to facebook, can you check the code again? Thank you very much for sharing


There are couple of tools that can do this. PM me for more info.


Is this method still working. I tried, only can add one user to send, how to set many users to send


Thanks for sharing such information. :grinning:


From my experience, no, it’s not working anymore.


Thank you @maestro666


Didn’t try it for a long time tbh, so can’t tell. Maybe I’ll give it a shot in next couple of days…


Thank you for the template!


Very interesting, This was posted over a year ago so now for sure there is software to a automate the process - Not sure if will still be working - but as always there will be a way to alter the process.


Interesting Method.
I use Sublime Edit for those things.

For Windows, just mark the https://facebook.com/ and press alt+F3, then use CTRL+arrowright to mark the words. Clean up the lines.
Or just mark all , and create new lines by pressing enter and then select the url and just press END to get everything to the last letter and cut it out…
check out sublime text:

You can edit complex text / code with sublime text easily.
For more complex stuff better use regular expression inside sublime, but it’s not often needed.