🔥 [METHOD]: Send 100's of messages per day or just couple!?


extract users from groups , that tool are not good if you want to extract more than 10 k user from one group. any other tool working good for that ?


Search for: People who liked coca cola from USA

You should get something like this after you click on People tab:

Use higher Scroll the search page for X seconds value.


Can’t wait for level 2 so I can see the extraction method and give this a try :)!


You’re on good path :slight_smile: “New user of the month” :slight_smile:


It doesnt work for me, it keeps saying wrong password, and i watched it, and it just seems like the password the template is introducing is way to long.


Is this method still working well?
Also, are there any ways of helping the messages get straight to the inbox for users to see?
I’m looking at starting some Facebook campaigns for event promotions and will implement this if so.


Have you had any accounts drop from doing this?


I didn’t use it for a while. I try new things and share them with you since I don’t have time to dedicate myself to IM. MPSocial and users come first :slight_smile:


So is this using a separate software to implement this method and login to accounts?


I’ve got two weeks to advertise before the start of some events I’m helping promote, using (currently) roughly 20 not-so-warmed accounts split between targeting three cities. Hoping to be able to implement this as a main method.

Then also having the event promo poster as the cover photo and attempting to draw attention to it by adding people from very relevant groups/pages by location, liking (maybe comment on) their relevant posts, and of course some standard ads in the relevant groups.

Will share how the method goes for my purposes. Very grateful for the tip and fingers crossed I can make it work with my accounts in a rush.


Good luck. I edited your previous post, removed “unnecessary info” :slight_smile:


Brilliant. thanks


I tried this method today, with three group messages. I’m just doing the method testing on some profile-filled but basically fresh accounts using Multiloginapp and my mobile for IP, so it’s not connected with my home IP.

They’re posting fine with no safety issues. The first message to 20 people got 7 link clicks, the second to about 40 people got five clicks and a message tonight to around 40 has just had two clicks. And each time a handful of people simply leave the group. I expected more results for the bigger group ones so that was interesting.


Thank you for this method <3


Let me know how it works for you :slight_smile:


You used this one?


Yeah, that’s it. I like MLA for stuff like that where you want to make multiple fake computer profiles from your PC. And I didn’t use proxies that time, I just tethered my phone each time after putting it in Airplane mode to change the IP. Though I haven’t really used MLA in months. You could certainly just do this in whatever software you might use for your FB accounts (provided you can access the Embedded Browser).

I should really try this method again :slight_smile:


Interesting method, i tried to add 50 but got error masseage, how do i know wich profile to remove?


Did you find an easy way to find out which profile/s to remove? I don’t know if there is one, but I think by manually checking each profile if it allows Message.

To make it slightly quicker, if you have all the profile URLs you could put them in one of those sites that opens up many URLs in tabs at once and then quickly scroll through each tab. Might be a little quicker than copying and pasting one by and waiting to load each time.


@Elisabeth_K I got the same error message. Not sure if I’m missing a crucial step.