[Method] Strategy for 100 Charging Social Clients

Hello, this is Trade Kozy.

We are starting with client management, and we think the best strategy is to move on 2 ways :

1: Scarp business users in our local zone between 2.500 and 5.000 followers and after contact them for a first consulting appointment. After that charge a monthly fee. On 500 direct messages, we hope to convert at least 50 clients.

2: Instagram Ads + Lead Generation for a first consulting appointment. On 500 contact leads, we hope to convert at least 50 clients.

What do you think about that?
Are there any good strategies?

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I wouldn’t use Instagram ads.

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why not? a lot of marketers are doing this.

Those people are all getting cease and desists.


so scrap and contact?

How about going to the stores in person?


There are other ways. You could chance a blatant ad if you want. There are ways around it but it’s a lot of work and not something to divulge. Especially on the public side of the forum.


ok we’ll wait for second level haha thank you!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Agree with wortime. I have a lot of tips in this area as i run a agency, but i don’t have time right now to give you some good insights, just checking in really fast. I might create a topic on this in the near future.


500 DMs won’t convert at least 50 clients. That’s a 10% conversion rate. Goodluck tho


That’s very optimistic. Most difficult part of client management is getting clients. If it was this easy I would be a millionaire already.

More realistic: Spam for months and months, get lots and lots of questions which will take you a lot of time to answer, and get 50 clients, of which 25 cancel after a month.


You are not? :open_mouth:


That’s nearly impossible without having lots of social proof and already warmed up leads. The conversion rate on DMs is extremely low so don’t expect anything above 1% if you are approaching them cold.


I have a monthly income in USD with 5 digits, from IG. But still not a millionaire :sunglasses:

Today a client canceled in the 1 week trial I offer. Reason (quote): “we haven’t managed to get any sales yet”

I sometimes have trouble keeping my patience.


I know those types…

They usually have a lot more problems where their whole business is in trouble.


Still solid though :wink:

Those clients :nauseated_face: I always try to set the right expectations but some folks seem just to forget everything I said and are expecting magic :smiley:


Yeah exactly :slight_smile: By that logic I could be gaining 500 clients daily with ease haha


Managing expectations is the key to this business.

I always emphasize how this form of marketing is more suited for allowing them to build long term relationships over a period of time with their target customers and is a must-do for all B2C businesses developing their brand and keeping them relevant. This usually mitigates their requirement to see immediate ROI.

When someone asks when they will see sales, I always say every type of business is different. But if they are looking to land an immediate right hook, paid ads would be better suited for them.


It’s good to share these hilariously high customer expectations, thanks for making me laugh. :slight_smile:


An optimist, we always need those. Good luck with this projection :smiley: To be serious, I spent 2 weeks sending emails/dm’s and didn’t get a single reply. Took me close to 1 month to start seeing results.

And old school methods like:

  1. Cold calling
  2. Cold emailing
  3. Following up
  4. Going out and actually talking to people (networking events, approaching businesses)

These convert the best and are the hardest to execute. Also, don’t go around saying cold calling/emailing doesn’t work until you’ve done it for 2-3 weeks daily and A/B tested the shit out of it. Have scripts in place. Etc.

Get creative. Learn how to generate leads. It won’t be easy.

But will be worth it if you put the effort.