[METHOD] Unheard methods: How to increase the reach on Instagram 🔥 (including my own secret sauce and golden nugget)


I would like to add there something for raising ER. I don‘t think it’s possible yet with Jarvee but maybe I oversee a functionality.

I think it would be awesome if we could use time and date in a smart way.

For example for caption:

When I post…

… on Friday I would like to say „nice weekend“
… on MondayI would like to say „have a nice start in the new week“
…on Wednesdays I would like to say „have a nice wednesday“

…in the Morning I would like to say „good morning“

…on Saturday afternoon I would like to say „Saturday Night :man_dancing::partying_face::blue_heart:

Hope you get my point.

I would like to automate this ofc. So additionally to spintax there could be an option to make and add postingtime - dependend spintax

With this function automated accounts would be much harder to identify in my opinion.


Great suggestion, way more human than the current options. In the mean time I will switch them this way manually.


How can I find the alt text of the photo on my iPhone before I post it?


do you think using instagram scheduler (later or iconosquare) will delete those exif informations when I publish scheduled pictures on my wall ?


yes, they remove it


so we cannot schedule our content if we want to maintain this information …
or maybe using an app to remind us to post from our phones


In Advanced Settings.


And how do I find the advanced settings?
Played around and googled - still can’t find a solution.



Thank you!
So whatever hashtags I want to use, I manually put in the Alt Text, and this will be the Alt Text that Instagram also uses?


hey how exactly are you doing it? i mean how do you set specific timings and certain posts with specific days wise captions?


It’s not possible yet. you can only use [Day_of_the week] But I opened a feature request there.


Did they just add this feature with custom tokens? If so, have you been using them?


no I dont use it. and i don’t think they added it yet. but really not sure tbh


Wow this is definitely new to me and I’ve been in this game for 5 years now​:nerd_face: Thanks for sharing this golden nugget​:trophy::blush:


I could be wrong but I think it’s using [CUSTOMTOKEN1=] or something similar with their new update


There are more whitehat Instagram scheduling posting services that you can signup to do that with. Later and Hootsuite come to mind. They’ll let you plan ahead your posts and fill in all the detail. You can then do you md5, image alteration, geotagging on the images before hand then upload them to the service to be used.


Just curious. How do you know they (Later/Iconosquare) for sure remove it before they post it?

I’m sure you are seeing a generated thumbnail from Later/Iconosquare’s website and not the original image you sent them – so you can’t tell from analyzing their thumbnail image EXIF.

And when Instagram gets it and shows it back to you that data is all stripped out to the end-user.


would try this tips. thanks for sharing!


I want to share a very good article I found on changing metadata with XnView.