[METHOD] Unheard methods: How to increase the reach on Instagram 🔥 (including my own secret sauce and golden nugget)


Hi guys! Sorry for my English, I use a re-translator. First of all, I thank the author of this article for useful tips! I recently on this forum and just starting to learn the intricacies of working with Instagram. I do not quite understand the features of working with alt text. What does the 3 paragraph “Scrape all related hashtags of all alt text keywords” mean? Do I understand correctly that I publish a post with my alt text, then in the description for the post I write the same keywords from the alt text, but only in the form of hashtags? But, I do not understand what and how needs to be scraped…


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Great info thanks alot!
One question though, I understand that this happens with images, but what about videos? I know it wouldn’t be the same, but is there certain embedded information like this in videos? If not, it would probably explain why my videos get better reach.


Yes, videos also have metadata. You can do this test:

  1. upload image to metapicz taken from phone and downloaded from IG and you will see the difference in metadata
  2. do the same with videos


Thanks alot, will try this


direct reposting = less reach

does the same logic applies for clients own content? e.g.

account XXX uploaded picture 4 years ago and today he reposted his own post


Great comment about images alt text! I’ve noticed some photos, i.e. weed niche, has low ER than the pictures of landscapes or motivational quotes.

About the account type: Is there any evidence about the results of “Not making the profile into Business profile?”

I’ve managed accounts from personal profiles and Business profiles, and there are no significant changes at ER. I mean, after the last algorithm its all bad in both, personal and business accounts.


Anybody knows how to actually steal the alt-text of other peoples instagram photos in your niche?

Also @just_digital

In my experience, business profiles have negatively impacted my account reach and egagement and once I switched to personal, my ER increased again. Theory is that IG is limiting organic reach for business profiles so that they spend money on ads.


Switching business -> personal -> business -> personal you can harm your reach. try to avoid switching your account type multiple times.
How to steal the alt-text? I have a script for that. videos don’t have alt-text, only images (50% only about). But you can find alt-text in html code of the image starting at : Image may contain:…


Nice, I’mm gonna check that out, will come in handy


Great method, i never hear it before, thanks man… :blush:


Thanks for reading thought! I assume you will use some of my tips :slight_smile:


Everytime I have attempted to use a scheduler (Later), reach and engagement reduced DRASTICALLY, I have tried it a few times the last 12 months with 5 different accounts and without fail, as soon as I started scheduling, reach went down at least 50%. It took a couple of weeks after stopping to get the reach and ER back up to where it was previously.


thanks to share indhi :+1:


well, so how i can use the alt text to?
is that for hastag ?


Does anyone know how I can fix this issue I have.

I have made my account into a business account when I first got the option to use it.

With it, I have of course gained the “insights” button.

However, I would now like to switch back to personal, but checking the settings of my account, it seems I only have the option to “change to business account”.

However, my insights are still there?

Is it possible to have Insights as a personal user, or did something get bugged with an update or something?

Have already written to IG support, with no answer, of course.


Absolutely agreed! IG is limiting organic reach for business profiles so that they spend money on ads.


What was your experience? How much did you spend and what were the reach before and after?


However, I’ve noticed the drop in ER since June, when the blocks began. Then, I’ve been doing manual actions only, but IG still blocking the business profile accounts. It seems like there is a limit for the actions (low than 6000 per month), just to push you to pay ads.


Wait you have a lower limit than 6000 doing manual follows? People reported that they can go above 6000/30 doing manual. Do you experience any other problems since you started with the manual actions?